Humanity before religion; Sikh boy uses turban to help a bleeding child


By NewsGram Staff Writer

A 22 year old Sikh boy, living in Auckland has shown the importance of humanity to everyone. Breaking conventional norm of Sikhism, Harman Singh undid his turban to help an injured child bleeding profusely.

On Friday morning, in an accident outside Singh’s house in Takanini, South Auckland, a boy was left injured and bleeding. Harman removed his turban and used it to stop the boy from bleeding to death.

His picture saving the child has gone viral on the internet and hundreds of people from the US, Europe and India have sent him Facebook herograms. Harman’s act has got the whole world praising his humanitarian values.

“Total strangers are asking to be friends on Facebook and thousands of people have said ‘Well done’. I was only doing what I had to and trying to be a decent member of the community.” Singh told an Australian daily.