“I Can’t Do Sexy” : Know it, Show it and Own it

Taking pride in being who you are and celebrating your individuality is the rarest of the rare things.

I can't do sexy, Youtube

April 22, 2017:

How many of us are in a haste to follow the crazy fad and keeping up with being sensuous?

Well, in reality, we all are.

“I can’t do sexy” is an amusingly self-deprecating video where Sofia Ashraf, singer and featured artist of the musical video blatantly accepts that she is fit to overtake any role except for appearing sexy.


The lyrics of the video are gripping and can make anyone mull over the keynote idea propagated by the lyricist Sofia Ashraf.

“I am unsexy and I know it, I show it and I own it”

The contemplation sets in motion with a reality check on the redundant attempts to give an impression of being sexy. We tend to submerge our peculiar individuality into fancy-pants not realizing what we ought to lose in the exorbitant route.

Taking pride in being who you are and celebrating your individuality is the rarest of the rare things.

What may happen if you fail to meet the standards of Sexy?

Girls like to reiterate this question from time to time and develop the hysterics just to validate their existence by men. When a man says “You will need a makeover to look hot”, it intimates that men prefer hot and sexy women more than the unsexy (undifferentiated) versions.

The growing madness to look sexy and yearning for acceptance cripple one’s stance in the crowd. It is very important to know that whether – ‘sexy or unsexy’, you must show it and own it unashamedly.

Let’s redefine beauty… 

According to the Merriam-Webster, “beauty is the qualities in a person or a thing that give pleasure to the senses or the mind”.

Italicize that everything that gives pleasure to the senses should be owned by the self and not defined by anyone else. If you can savor your own attributes, nobody has the power to walk over you.

Something which is real will always be flawed and imperfect. Nevertheless, it is the unnatural form of beauty which we call flawless.

By Naina Mishra of Newsgram, Twitter: Nainamishr94