Increase in Tourism puts Goa’s Coastal State’s Resources under Stress, says Governor Mridula Sinha

Goa Beach, Pixabay

Panaji, Dec 18, 2016: Increase in tourism has put the coastal state’s resources under stress and care needs to be taken to ensure that Goa does not lose its identity because of excessive tourism, Governor Mridula Sinha said on Sunday.

“Due to an increase in terms of tourists in the state, there has been a stress on the resources and land. Tourism, without doubt, is the cornerstone of our economic progress. To make the tourism sector strong, it is desirable to improve the basic requirements of this sector,” Sinha said in a speech on the eve of Goa Liberation Day on Monday.

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Goa, a former Portuguese colony, was liberated by the Indian armed forces on December 19, 1961.

“We have to be very careful to see that, in the name of development of tourism, we do not lose our identity and cultural values,” she added.

Goa is one of the top beach and nightlife tourism hubs in the country and attracts over four million tourists every year.

The Goa Governor also said that despite recent attacks on the country’s borders, the spirit of unity and nationalism was evident across the country.

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“The nation expects from all its responsible citizens to prevent any anti-national activities in our country. The recent attacks on our boundaries are an issue of great concern. But in spite of all the upheavals, we can see unity and nationalism throughout our country,” she said.

Sinha also said that despite economic progress, there was a deterioration in social morality, adding that there is erosion of love, honesty, dedication and accountability in our society.

“The lure of money has made people forget about our moral values. It is unfortunate that our youth today is moving away from the moral values set by our ancestors. We are slowly forgetting the moral values and principles given by our ancestors,” she said. (IANS)