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Vishwakarma Puja. Wikimedia

Sept 17, 2016: Vishwakarma pooja or Vishwakarma Jayanti is a reverence shown to Vishwakarma, a Hindu God and also a divine architect. This year in India, the festival is celebrated on September 17.

According to Hindu Mythology, Vishwakarma is believed to born out of Samudra Manthan. In the incredibility of his works, he was known for the miraculous construction of the city called Dwarka where Lord Krishna ruled as well as the making of Maya Sabha of the Pandavas.

The divine is highly looked upon by his followers as he engaged himself in the designing and remarkable formation of various weapons for the Gods of the Hindu mythology. In a crisp and precise declaration, Lord Vishwakarma was worshiped for being a canonized architect, designer and carpenter. Also, in his credibility is added the Sthapatya Veda, that is the science of mechanics and architecture.

This festival is celebrated in the month of mid-September every year. Lord Vishwakarma is known as the lord of machines and hence on this day, most of the factories remain closed and vehicles are very less seen on the roads. Happily abiding by the rituals, all the shopkeepers, craftsmen, welders, engineers and all the designers gather in their workplaces and celebrate the festival with lots of enjoyment.

Vishwakarma is also supposed to have built Dwarka overnight. Wikimedia

Like every Hindu festival, this festival even includes Mahurat which symbolizes the initiation of the ceremony and is followed by Aarti which means the chanting of song or a verse in the praise of the holy Vishwakarma.

In some places, the pious puja and reverence are further followed by a kite flying fest and other refreshing and thoroughly entertaining events. Also as a string to the entire ritual web exists a lunch organized by the work owners for their staff. There also takes place an incredible and boosting exchange of clothes. This indicates the era of new beginnings for the successful ventures of all these followers.

A kite shop in Lucknow, India. Wikimedia

As a belief, there is lighted an Akhand Diya in respect of this divine architect. The idol is kept in a very beautifully decorated room in the workplace amidst olfactory pleasing flowers and eye sparkling lights. On the completion of the fortnight, the idol is enthusiastically immersed in any holy river by the followers.

On this day workers and craftsmen offer the most sincere and religious prayers to the Lord for the start of a successful, healthy and most importantly prosperous period of their work and business. They pray for the smooth functioning of their machines and every equipment that is capable of assisting them in their efforts to work efficiently and effectively. They also ask their master for an environment in their working place which allows them to indulge in the fruitful undertaking of their artistic works and flares.

Undoubtedly, Vishwakarma Puja instills a spirit of sincerity, gleaming hopes, and encouragement in these hardworking artists and carpenters.

Vishwakarma Puja brings a world of happiness to all the merchants of art, mechanics, and designs who work day and night for accomplishing the process of beautifying every little thing we use and all in all the world we dwell in.

NewsGram wishes its readers Happy Vishwakarma Puja!

– by Shayari Dutta of NewsGram


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