5 Ways Your Business Could be Using AI to Gain an Edge

Financial Data Analyst Using AI Technology And Machine Learning
Financial Data Analyst Using AI Technology And Machine Learning

By Chloe Dervin, Managing Director, WebVine

Artificial intelligence is hardly new, but it has gained some serious traction in the last few years. It is now commonplace for consumers to use chatbots to resolve any number of issues, and we have digital assistants and IoT tech making our lives easier in many ways.

While consumer use receives much of the attention, businesses are also starting to adopt AI to streamline processes and save money. If your business is not already using AI or working on a plan to adopt different AI technologies, there is a risk you could be left behind by your competitors.

"Innovations including edge AI, computer vision, decision intelligence and machine learning are all poised to have a transformational impact on the market in coming years."

Gartner Identifies Four Trends Driving Near-Term Artificial Intelligence Innovation

1)    Jumpstart Your Digital Workplace

Investing in a digital workplace can be a great way to smooth collaboration, make resources more accessible and increase efficiency. After this investment however, it is not uncommon to find some employees who do not adopt the new technology as quickly as you would like.

A SharePoint chatbot could be the perfect solution to aid this transition, proactively providing tutorials for different features and helping employees find the resources they need without having to search through menus and options.

2)    A Better Onboarding Process

The onboarding process can be full of inefficiencies, wasting the time of your HR team and the new hire, and making a bad impression as you welcome new talent. By introducing AI to the process, you can deliver a consistent onboarding experience for both in-office and remote workers.

With an AI onboarding system, inductees could be introduced to new topics in a self-paced progression. The system could also be designed to handle legal requirements such as the acceptance of conditions and safety briefings or qualifications.

3)    Save Your IT Team

Everybody needs the IT team from time to time. You've forgotten your password, lost a document or can't complete a process and you need to raise a ticket. While this is a commonplace occurrence in many workplaces, it is not the best way for your IT team to spend its time.

Artificial intelligence is hardly new, but it has gained some serious traction in the last few years
Artificial intelligence is hardly new, but it has gained some serious traction in the last few years

Instead of employees having to call Helpdesk for every problem, a bot to answer simple requests could provide first-line support. When employees ask, "How do I" questions, the bot could pull up systematic instructions to help resolve the issue. This can free up your IT staff to focus on value-adding activities and it will provide the user with a quicker resolution.

4)    Digital Assistants

Senior executives may have human assistants to manage their schedules and book appointments, but people further down the ladder have to spend time on these tasks.

With a digital assistant on their side, your employees will be able to focus on the parts of the job that drive results. Best of all, digital assistants don't get require a pay cheque and they never call in sick!

5)    Streamline HR

Many employees dread the prospect of dealing with the HR department. They do not understand all of the policies, they are worried about having all of the right forms and they are often unsure if they even have the information required to resolve their issues. Some businesses might not have an HR department and these tasks are simply loaded onto overworked managers.

With an HR bot, you can streamline many HR functions and make the process easier for everyone. A bot can be programmed to help people find policy information, locate required forms and walk them through the completion process. Along with making life easier for your employees, an HR bot will take much of the tedious work off the professionals working in your HR department.

With the Microsoft Azure AI Platform, Artificial Intelligence has never been more accessible. It is not just for medical researchers and software developers on the bleeding edge. For better productivity and happier employees, consider how AI can help you modernise business processes – right now.

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