Saturday January 19, 2019
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Indian-origin basketball player making waves in US


New York: Veer Singh, a new recruit and the first Indian-origin player to play for Seton Hall School basketball team in New Jersey, has been praised for his skills in the game.

Standing tall at 6′ 7, the New Yorker plays as a freshman wing and was signed from St. Peter’s Preparatory School in New Jersey earlier this year, news website reported on Wednesday.

Singh brings a desperately needed dead eye to a roster short on shooters. He is a great defender and a shooter, the report added.

It means a great deal for them to have confidence in me, because if they don’t, they are not going to kick it out. The fact that they’re looking to kick it out, that’s huge,” Singh said.

The teammates and the coach are all praise for the player.

“He is going to bring the shooting ability I think we lack, and he is going to stretch the floor for us,” a player said, adding, “I saw him play a couple of times in high school and I thought he could shoot, he’s really excelled here.”

Team head coach Kevin Willard commended Singh for his attitude.

“I love Veer’s attitude. I love his toughness. I love how hard he has played. Anyone who can make shots like he can is really going to help us,” Willard said.

(Photo Credit : Indiawest)

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