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Indian-origin researchers propose new method for preventing pay-per-click fraud


New York: Indian-origin researchers have proposed a new method for detecting fraud from the pay-per-click model – a pricing model used for online advertising.

“If somebody likes something, they can click on the ad and go directly to the site. Hopefully, that translates to a sale. No matter whether it does or not, the advertiser pays for these clicks. In the pay-per-click model, if people or bots are clicking fraudulently, then the advertiser is losing money,” said Suresh Radhakrishnan, professor at the University of Texas in the US.

The researchers have proposed a way to support technological improvements to check fraud which, they said, is affecting the advertising industry as a whole.

The study considers identifying click fraud as a three-stage process: the service provider — for example, Google or Yahoo — classifies clicks as fraudulent or not.

Then, the advertiser does the same, using his technology. If there is a disagreement, the service provider examines further and its conclusion is considered binding.

The problem with the new approach is intuitive. For a service provider, if he gets paid, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a valid click or a fraudulent.

But the advertiser would want to verify whether the click is fraudulent or not. Even if the click is valid, the advertiser may say that it’s fraudulent because of the pay-per-click cost, the researchers explained.

To solve the problem, the researchers suggested that an independent third party investigate and flag fraudulent clicks when a conflict arises between the advertiser and the service provider.

“In the long term, for the pay-per-click model to survive, you will need to make sure both parties are happy, so technologies will have to get to a point where click fraud is minimized,” Varghese Jacob, vice dean of the Naveen Jindal School of Management.

“People will have to invest in such improvements. Otherwise the pay-per-click model may not be sustainable,” Jacob noted.

The findings appeared in the journal Information Systems Research. (IANS) (Photo: http://www.lifehack.org)

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How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost?

Any company and persons use social media ad network to reach a larger number of audience

Social Media, Advertising, Cost
Nowadays it’s hard to imagine an advertising budget that doesn’t have a “social media promotion” item.

Title = Cost and its criteria for the price of advertising in social networks

Description = How much advertising in social networks costs? Criteria for determining the price and the main nuances associated with working with promotional materials on social media sites

Nowadays it’s hard to imagine an advertising budget that doesn’t have a “social media promotion” item. Any company and persons use social media ad network to reach a larger number of audience. However, calculating the cost of interaction with the audience on the Internet is not an easy task. Advertising companies such as Polus.media and local managers know that it is difficult for an experienced person to understand where the money go in marketing. Speaking conditionally, we can distinguish two components on which the price of promotion depends largely:

  1. Audience reach. It seems that nothing is difficult: the more people notice your advertising campaign, the more responses there will be. To determine the effectiveness of PR, you need to test the idea on a sufficient number of people and then launch into mass advertising. But it is very important to take into account the factor of the topic, because 1,000 users of financial topics, for example, looking for information about loans, are at times more valuable than 10,000 users-fans of a series, only reading about it.
Social Media, Advertising, Cost
Title = Cost and its criteria for the price of advertising in social networks. Pixabay

2. The quality of the audience. Here, we touch the most important thing. The main plus of      social networks is that we can promote the brand only among the audience that has an      interest in it. For example, if you promote popular clothing, then it would be logical to        advertise it among those whose age is within 15-18 years old – it will be your target          audience. In addition, you can specify a huge amount of other data: country, city,              marital status, interests, and so on. The more accurately you want to filter the                    audience,  the more you need to pay. In general, remember the concept – targeting is        an opportunity to select only people fitting the specified requirements from the entire          audience.

Cost of social promotion: What are the prices?

Advertising agencies

Well-known advertising agencies that are professionally engaged in advertising on social networks can find ideas and solutions for PR without problems. Probably, only large companies can spend much on this type of collaboration, so their customers are mostly global brands. Agencies include all their expenses in the cost of work, starting with the salaries of employees ending with renting an office in the city. Conclusion: it is professional but very expensive.

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In the freelance exchanges, there are hundreds of remote workers who call themselves SMM or SMO managers. The question is which part of them really have experience in social promotion. When choosing a performer, pay attention to his or her rating, reviews, portfolio (the previously performed works). You can find a good performer for modest money. Do not forget that there are typical problems with freelancers, such as deadlines, misunderstandings… Conclusion: there are risks but there is also a chance to find the ideal price/quality ratio.


A social media promotion manager is needed only when you need such services all the time and you want to achieve some kind of stability. In this case, you have to find a responsible employee but there is a problem that most employers face: if you do not understand social networks and advertising in every detail, then how you assess the knowledge of the applicant for such a job? Before organizing an interview, consult with knowledgeable people, and be sure to read the articles like ‘What an SMM specialist should know?’ and others. Conclusion: long-time, expensive but can be reliable.

Social Media, Advertising, Cost
Criteria for determining the price and the main nuances associated with working with promotional materials on social media sites. Pixabay

I’ll do everything myself!

Optimism is a good quality. On the one hand, there is no need to be born a genius in order to engage in promotion in social networks. On the other – this is the same area of ​​work as any other, and it is not given to many to be a professional in several areas. Given that there are now a lot of blogs and forums dedicated to social marketing, try reading and learning to get into things. First, absorb everything new like a sponge, and structure all the received information. Conclusion: economically affordable but requires long training.

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We have told you about some features of advertising in social media but probably now you have even more questions. This is normal, with so much new information. Be sure to request a report from those who are assigned to engage in advertising. We wish you successful sales!