Indo-British ‘Yorkston Thorne Khan’ Band is all set to Perform in India

Yorkston Thorne Khan's debut album "Everything Sacred" was released in January 2016 on Domino Records

Musicians James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan. Facebook

New Delhi, November 21, 2016: The experimental Indo-British collaborative group that includes musicians James Yorkston, Jon Thorne and Suhail Yusuf Khan, is all set to perform in Indian cities.

To be organised by the British Council India, the band will perform in the capital on November 22 at Kamani Auditorium and November 23 at British Council Centre.

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Yorkston Thorne Khan’s debut album “Everything Sacred” was released in January 2016 on Domino Records and received mighty fine reviews.

Their performance will have the three artists playing together as “Yorkston Thorne Khan”. They tackle a wide array of different sounds and songs.

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Alongside pieces of their own songs, there will be a fair chunk of improvisation, and covers of Ivor Cutl’r’s “Little Black Buzzer” and Lal Waters’n’s “Song For Thirza”.

“The folk and jazz sectors have seen successful re-emergence and diversification of the genres, with practitioners and artists conserving traditional music forms and styles,” said British Council India Director Alan Gemmell.

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“These genres have been developing new dimensions that reflect a more contemporary sensibility and sound. We are pleased to support this exciting collaboration and India tour,” he added.

After Delhi, the group will be performing in Chennai on November 25, Kolkata on November 26 and Patna on November 29. (IANS)