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Inglorious Free Surgery Scheme of AAP party exposed

The AAP government rolled out a scheme in the month of July, under which patients can get a list of 52 specified surgeries done at 48 enlisted private hospitals in Delhi and NCR.

Chanda Bandh Satyagraha
Chanda Bandh Satyagraha appeals to AAP leaders to make donations public.

NEW DELHI: The Arvind Kejriwal tall claims of free surgeries for the Delhi citizens have been brought to light by Dainik Bhaskar. Their sting operation has uncovered the two-faced politics that is been practiced by the Delhi’s Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal.

The AAP government rolled out a scheme in the month of July, under which patients can get a list of 52 specified surgeries done at 48 enlisted private hospitals in Delhi and NCR.

As per the government’s statement, free surgery scheme covered almost all the major private hospitals in Delhi and NCR. The services were made available to all the bonafide residents of Delhi.

As per Dainik Bhaskar’s sting report, doctors of some reputed hospitals and brokers started exploiting general public by taking the advantage of it. Patients are been lured at very low rates for treatment and thus the time of their surgery is been decided according to that.

Even the Doctors are said to be directly involved in this and they are helping the patients to get the brokers number.

After that, the patient is being forced to buy the surgery-related items from the same agent. The condition is so much worse that, different doctors have different agents for their convenience and patients are at the receiving end.

This all nexus is running just under the nose of Delhi government. So, it shall not be wrong to blame the AAP party transparency on such issues.

The idea of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) was rooted in India against corruption but with such exposures, it’s hard to believe their ethics. Even the credibility of their party members is in question as many of them are found to be involved in some of the other scam, including the party leader.

The party which unsettled the Congress and was running campaigns against them during their own election time offered unconditional support to the same party in Gujrat elections just for the sake of power.

With such acts, the hollowness of party agenda can be gauzed clearly.

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Awakened to The Congress’s Blatant Support to Anti-Nation Forces

This time from foreign soil, Germany, Rahul Gandhi has spoken out his mind

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi.

By Salil Gewali

Sometimes I feel too confused that what makes a leader speak so badly about the country. Still more confusing is that the same leader is projected as the only fittest in the country to be the Prime Minister.

This time from foreign soil, Germany, Rahul Gandhi has spoken out his mind. With gay abandon he claimed the lack of employment is the cause behind the rise of ISIS. If we analyze such statement objectively, we see that the unprecedented danger is looming large around this country not because of the citizens but because of the irresponsible leaders.

Is it not too shocking that we tolerate a bunch of leaders all through who, with impunity, tramples upon prudence and embrace the fickleness by speaking with such rashness? The ridiculous ranting is what Rahul Gandhi is good at. How many immature gaffes he has committed in last one year. One finds it too sickening to see people defending what Rahul utters out? Again, to his party’s sycophants, each word spoken out by him is worth its weight in gold.

Could any conscious people come across the board to evaluate what will be the likely repercussion when the projected leader goes to the extent to connect the unemployment of youth with ISIS? What do you say — if a certain father harps on that his children will be dagger-wielding murderers if they will not get jobs? What message does it send out? Will such ideas not “viciously affect” the thought process of the children in future? One wonders how the constitution allows the leaders to speak out such dangerous language. Will it not encourage the treasonous activities within the country leading to the decline of the security and sovereignty of the nation?

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi.

Despite the height of stupidity, Rahul Gandhi is capable to earn more admirers then criticizers. Is it a pointer to the fact that one man’s loss of sense should lead to the “loss of sense” of other intellectuals? Or do we love an “individual” from a particular family more than our own “country”? On what ground is an “individual” more respect-worthy than the “party”, country and its constitutional ethos? This is in fact a very ominous trend which this country is witnessing now.

True, our Indian polity needs a strong opposition. People do not disagree at all that Congress should not be the one. Yes, this party can alone match well with the rival BJP. But sadly, the party is failing when Rahul started to become more vocal. The party with so smaller number of MPs has not yet “acknowledged” that its rapid decline now is because it continues to sing a hymn to one family only. The conscious Congress party leaders should come down to the ground and critically assess the people’s opinions and their concerns. They all have been intensely disillusioned by the dynasty politics.

Has this “family” not pleasantly ignored a very learned and seasoned leader Pranab Mukherjee by reducing him to just a rubber stamp?  Are Sachin Pilot, Ghulam Nabi Azad, C. P. Joshi, Ashok Gehlot, Jyotiraditya, Scindia, Priya Dutt, less Indian? If BJP can groom Kiren Rijiju why can’t Congress groom the astute leader of the northeast like Gaurav Gogoi or Vincent Pala or Mukul Sangma ? No exaggeration, Sachin Pilot could diplomatically handle the political situation and articulate the party policies far more maturely than entire Gandhi family members put together.

Enough is enough. People now anxiously await the REVIVAL of political parties with vibrant faces who genuinely love the country. We have seen enough of the anti-nation activities incited by the Gandhi family.  It’s totally wrong to be the puppets of a wrong family and spell doom for the nation. PM Modi rightly says that service to the country is far more important than the service to the family.

Salil Gewali is a well-known writer and author of ‘Great minds on India’. Twitter: @SGewali.

One response to “Awakened to The Congress’s Blatant Support to Anti-Nation Forces”

  1. During the UPA/Congress government there had been numerous terrorist attacks, Mumbai trains, Zaveri Bazar, 26-11, plus the attacks in Ahmedabad, Pune etc. Was this situation because the terrorists could not find jobs during their rule? Compared to that there are very few terrorist attacks in India in last four years. So the terrorists must be gainfully employed in last four years !