Interesting Facts about Pradosh Vrat and Narada Jayanti in Hinduism- by Dr Bharti Raizada

Narada found Vishnu in his viraat swarupa form Source: media

Pradosh Vrat

Pradosh vrat is done twice in a lunar month on the 13th day, or tryodashi, of both shukla and krishn paksh.  The word pradosh means dusk or sandhyakaal. Prayers are offered to Bhagwan Shiv and Devi Parvati. Devotees read kathas from Scand Puran and chant Mahamrityunjya mantr 108 times. Devotees get health, wealth, knowledge, wisdom, positive thinking, peace, children, happiness, and prosperity. Devotees also get rid of their past sins.

If pradosh vrat falls on Monday then it is called Som Pradosh Vrat. If it is on Tuesday then it is called Bhaum Pradosh Vrat. Saumya Vaar Pradosh Vrat is on Wednesday, Guruvaar on Thursday, Brighu on Friday, Shanni on Saturday, and Bhanu on Sunday

2017 Pradosh Vrat dates are:

January 10 and 25, February 8 and 24, March 10 and 25, April 8 and 24, May 8 and 23, June 6 and 21, July 6 and 21, August 4 and 19, September 3 and 17, October 3 and 17, November 1 and 15, December 1, 15, and 30


Narada Jayanti

Devrishi Narad Muni was born from mind energy of Bhrama and therefore is called the Manas Putr of Brahma. Narad Jayanti is  celebrated in krishn paksh of the vaishak month on the  day after Vaishakh poornima. 

This year it is on May 11th. His Jayanti is celebrated as Patrakar Divas in India. He is devotee of Bhagwan Vishnu and keeps chanting Narayan Narayan. He has Mahathi Veena and Khartal in his hands and is the leader of Gandharvs.

He has the ability to go in all the three loks i.e. Prithvi, Akaash, and Patal. He is also called Trikal Vedi as he knows the past, present, and future at the same time. He takes/ gives information from/ to Rishis, Devtas, Devis, and Bhagwan.

He helped Dhruv and Hirankshyap’s wife Kayadhu. Dhruv and Prahlad, Kayadhu’s son, became great devotees of Bhagwan Vishnu. He played an important role in the writing of the Ramayan by Rishi Valmiki and Sreemad Bhagwatam by Rishi Ved Vyas.

Narad Bhakti Sutra, Narad Purana, Narad Pancaratra, Narad smriti or Narad Dharmashastra are some of the hindu texts associated with Devrishi Narad. His temple is in Korva or Naradgaadhe near Raichur and Chigateri near Davanagere in Karnataka.

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