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Inviting Micro-Tales Of Love By Durjoy Datta

The annual crowdsourcing campaign is aiming to be bigger and better than the last two editions

The past year has affected all aspects of life as we knew it, and romantic relationships are no different. To celebrate moments of love and playful romance, ITC Engage has rolled out a campaign inviting stories of love and romance in line with the current pulse of the world.

The Engage’s Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0, around the theme of #RomanceUnlocked has been designed to engage young audiences and fans of the brand to share their own ‘unexpected, uninhibited moments’ of love and playful romance via social media within 400 characters. At the end of the campaign, 400 participants, handpicked by romance author Durjoy Datta will be featured in ITC Engage’s Pocketful O’ Stories 3.0 book curated and co-authored by Durjoy Datta.

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The first two seasons of Engage Pocketful O’ Stories garnered the campaign a cumulative of over 36,000 micro tales which were then stitched together in respective books curated by Durjoy. Whether it was finding love digitally or creatively engaging with their long-distance partner, the year has reshaped a lot of love stories. The annual crowdsourcing campaign is aiming to be bigger and better than the last two editions.

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Sharing his excitement on the campaign, Durjoy says, “Not just because of my profession, personally, I am definitely a romantic at heart. While I try to write through experiences and take inspiration from the people I surround myself with, the past year has forced us into situations that are beyond our comfort zones. Engage Pocketful O’ Stories is a campaign that is very close to me.

Not only have I gotten to connect with readers and budding writers, but it has also given me renewed perspective about my own writing. This year’s theme is topical to the story of most couples around the world who have been away from each other for an extended period and calls for them to Unlock their Romance! So get your writing hats on and I will see you in the comments section! I am really looking forward to reading some really innovative stories on how people had their #RomanceUnlocked.” (IANS)



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