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IOC urges DNA test on Subhas Chandra Bose’s remains


The Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) in London, affiliated to the Indian National Congress, has urged the government of India to carry out a DNA test on Subhas Chandra Bose’s mortal remains, kept in an urn at Renkoji Temple in Tokyo.

This request comes so as to scientifically establish that the remains kept in the Japanese temple are actually those of Bose.

Writing to Indian High Commissioner in Britain Ranjan Mathai, IOC president D.L. Kalhan, said: “Today the 18 August marks the 70th anniversary of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s reported death in Taiwan following a plane crash.

“However, till date his mortal remains, said to be kept at Renkoji Temple in Tokyo, have not been returned to India.”

“The Indian Overseas Congress hereby requests the Government of India to urgently carry out a DNA test on the remains to determine once and for all whether they are his or not and put the uncertainty to rest,” he added.

2015-08-18_2254Bose, one of the most popular figures of the Indian freedom movement, was twice elected president of the Indian National Congress.

The IOC’s intervention comes at a time when there are reports that Bose’s only child Anita Pfaff, who lives in Germany, is keen on closure of the matter. Her views are obviously paramount on the subject.

A section of Bose’s nephews and nieces and other relatives and followers have strenuously refused to accept that he died after an air tragedy on August 18, 1945; and have thereby created a hurdle in the path of the Indian government acting on the issue.

Both — the Japanese doctor, Taneyoshi Yoshimi, who treated Bose after he suffered third degree burns, in a Japanese Army field hospital in Taipei and declared him dead, and his ADC Colonel Habibur Rahman, who survived the crash and saw him pass away — testified under oath to confirm what had happened.

With DNA technology having advanced by leaps and bounds, the Britain-based experts who were involved in DNA tests which identified the buried remains of Czar Nicholas II, Czarina Alexandra and daughter Anastasia 74 years after they were killed, told RAY it may be possible to conduct tests on bone particles or teeth which are reportedly in Bose’s remains in addition to ashes.


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Congress To Use Tribal Card to Regain Power in the Country

Congress to use tribal card to improve countrywide position

Congress Chhattisgarh
Congress will be using the tribal card to regain dominance and their plan of action will begin from Chhattisgarh. Wikimedia Commons


In order to regain dominance in the country, the Congress is mulling using the tribal card. This plan of action is to be first implemented in Chhattisgarh.

Riding on the success of the Assembly and urban body elections, the Congress feels that it can increase it base through tribals as they constitute 8 per cent of the total population.

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the first three Assembly elections in the state, after its formation in 2000, recorded huge victories and came to power. But after the Assembly elections held last year, the scenario changed. After registering a victory in the Assembly elections and then in the urban body polls, the Congress showed that it still dominates the tribal areas.

Rahul Gandhi Congress
Former President of Congress Rahul Gandhi gave an important message while innaugrating the National Tribal Dance Festival in Raipur. Wikimedia Commons

The Congress gave the responsibility of the tribal areas to the tribal leader of Madhya Pradesh Umang Singhar which eventually helped the party. Now, the party is planning to spread out nationwide through Chhattisgarh.

Former party president Rahul Gandhi, while inaugurating the National Tribal Dance Festival in Raipur, gave a message to the tribals who are here to participate in the festival that the Chhattisgarh government is working for all the sections and this is the reason why there has been a downward trend in naxal attacks and the state economy has also improved.

The Congress is planning to publicise the improvements in Chhattisgarh throughout the country because the tribal population in the state is 32 per cent.

BJP media panellist Sandeep Sharma, however, claims that the party’s base has not shrunk. He said till Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh were not divided, the Congress was strong in the area but in the elections held after three years of the bifurcation, the BJP won the Assembly elections and was in power for 15 years. Though we faced defeat in the 2018 elections, the only reason was that people wanted a change but they were not angry with the BJP, he claimed.

The BJP won in the Lok Sabha elections and the margin in the urban body elections was also not much. So, it would be inappropriate to say that the BJP’s base has shrunk, he said adding that in one year the Congress’ base has declined by 9 per cent whereas in Assembly elections it got 12 per cent more votes and in urban body elections the margin was 3 per cent.

The Congress is planning to publicise the improvements in Chhattisgarh throughout the country. Wikimedia Commons

Analysing the political landscape of the state, political analyst Rudra Awasthi said, “When it was Madhya Pradesh then the Congress had stronghold in Chhattisgarh. Several big leaders were also from the state but after the formation of Chhattisgarh since Ajit Jogi was accused of being a fake tribal the Congress lost its stronghold over the tribals. Though it continued to dominate in some of the areas which helped it in regaining the power.

“As of now, the Congress has started including the tribals with the backward class. First Bhupesh Baghel was the state chief of the party and he was replaced by Mohan Markam as he became the Chief Minister. During the Assembly elections, the Congress talked about the identity of the tribals which helped the party. After winning the elections, the decisions of the Congress government were in favour of the tribals which helped the party in the urban body elections,” said Awasthi.

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The Congress is mulling over spreading its message to the tribals across the country through the three-day festival going on here. For this several senior leaders of the party will attend the festival and share the government’s schemes while giving the message that the Congress government in the state has brought a positive and a significant change in the lives of the tribals. (IANS)