Is It Possible to Save an Unhappy Marriage?

save unhappy marriage

You wake up in the morning and see your wife next to you. Previously, her appearance evoked tenderness, now, you feel just indifference. More and more often you think about the correctness of your decision to get married, about your new feelings, and about earlier ones at the sight of your woman. Your marriage is not what you have dreamed of. You feel like a prisoner who cannot escape. It’s not even about guarding because the doors are always open. Something still keeps you from leaving. Maybe everything is not so bad, and you have just a temporary crisis. Before you make a final decision, you should consider everything carefully and find out how to save your marriage from divorce.

  1. What keeps you from leaving: fear or feelings?

Everyone has their own reasons for getting married. So, everyone has their own reasons for breaking up. If you are driven by the fear of being alone, if you are afraid that no one else will pay attention to you, and there is no any other reason why you could stay with your partner, then you should know that your relationship is based not on love but on your self-doubt. Such relationship is disastrous for both of you, and it will not allow you to move forward and develop. Be honest answering yourself, “Do you know how to save a marriage, or you don’t want to know?”

  1. Can you overcome your problems?

There are many challenges that can be met, even if they seem to be incredibly difficult. Problems with sex or the family budget as well as bad communication can be corrected with the due willingness and readiness to work. How to save your marriage alone? Any marriage is the union of two people, and if someone is indifferent to it, it cannot be saved. Everything has its limits.

Today, many couples ignore family psychologists, although these people can really know how to save a failing marriage. Or they will say directly that they do not see any possibility for you to become again a happy loving couple.

  1. Are there any attempts to save it?

When both partners realize that everything is falling into the abyss, one of them can start offering different options to make things better. If you refuse that, then keep in mind that you send a direct signal that you do not want to fight for this relationship. If everything is different, and you argue that your relationship can be saved, but the partner ignores it, then this person can leave you quite soon.

  1. Are there any feelings?

Quarrels, a struggle for power in a relationship, mutual resentment can ruin your tight connection. If you answer positively to the question, “Do you love your partner?” or even if you say, “I do not know,” then it is worth fighting for the relationship. If you understand that there are no feelings with you and your wife, and you are not afraid to admit it openly, it is better to break up, interrupting the unnecessary series of scandals and quarrels. Does separation work to save a marriage? Only if partners still have feelings.

  1. Consequences.

Whatever the reasons you have, you will inevitably face the consequences of a divorce. This will affect the communication with friends, relatives, and children if you have them, of course. Especially, if you are the initiator. Besides, your divorce will affect the financial status and the way of life of the whole family.

So, ask yourself whether you can cope with the consequences and whether you are ready for them. If yes, then your decision is considered, and it is not taken in the throes of passion. Of course, this will not be easy, even if there are no feelings for a long time because you are used to waking up and falling asleep with the same person. Be careful in your desires and make decisions that you will not regret later.