ISIS Offers a $1Million Reward For the Death of Kurdish-Danish Woman Who Stood up to them

Joanna Palani. Twitter (jonaschr88)

London, December 20, 2016: For the killing of a Kurdish-Danish woman who fought the terror group in Syria and Iraq, ISIS has offered a $1 million reward. She dropped out of university in 2014, to fight the terror group.

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Joanna Palani, the 23-year-old girl is behind bars and is facing trial in Copenhagen for leaving the country after a 12-month travel ban imposed in June 2015, according to The Independent.

Her trial will be starting tomorrow and if she is found guilty, two years in prison under the new laws, designed to stem the flow of ISIS terror group from Denmark to the Middle East.
According to PTI, “Palani is often the subject of vicious threats both on and offline following her return to Denmark.”

ISIS. Wikimedia

The latest offerings were made by ISIS on social media channels in several different languages of financial reward for her death.

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She posted on Facebook shortly after her passport was confiscated by cops last year, “How can I pose a threat to Denmark and other countries by being a soldier in an official army that Denmark trains and supports directly in the fight against [ISIS]?”

Palani’s family originates from Iranian Kurdistan. She was born during the first Gulf War, in a refugee camp in Ramadi in Iraq. When she was a child, her family won asylum in Denmark.

She joined the Kurdish revolution against ISIS, after quitting a politics degree, when the extremists rose to prominence in 2014, fighting with both the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria and Peshmerga forces in Iraq, it said, according to PTI report.

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Palani in a Facebook post said she was inspired “to fight for women’s rights, for democracy – for the European values I learned as a Danish girl.”

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