ISIS releases pictures showing destruction at Palmyra Temple


By NewsGram Staff-Writer

Extremist militant group ISIS has released a number of pictures showing the destruction of the ancient Baalshamin Temple in Palmyra, Syria.

The Baalshamin Temple before explosion. credit:

Uploaded on the social networking accounts of the group, the pictures depict the monument being planted with explosives. Faces of the militants installing explosives both inside and outside of temple have been cropped.

The blast which destroyed the temple. credit:

The 2,000-year-old structure, which is also declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO was known to be the best preserved and most pristine example of Greco-Roman architecture.

ISIS Millitants planting the explosives. credit:

The destruction has been deeply condemned all around the world. UNESCO in its statement called it “an immense loss for the Syrian people and for humanity.” UNESCO termed the step as a coward act of ‘war crime’.

Explosives planted on inside the structure. credit:

Experts at British Museum described the event as ‘deeply depressing’. The temple which was also called ‘Pearl of the Desert’ was bombed on Monday. The explosion was so large that nearby Roman sculptures were also affected.