• ISIS a state unheard of and taken lightly since its formation in 1990 has now become a global concern after taking strong hold of some major cities in Syria and Iraq
  • After proclaiming themselves as a Islamic State with a ‘Caliph’ has inspired a new wave of Islamophobia on a global level
  • ISIS wants all the Muslims to join it and declare for their cause

September 19, 2016: While some would argue, ISIS is the cause of increasing Islamophobia, most fail to see that it grows because of the same.

Islamic state of Iran and Syria(ISIS) was thrown into global spotlight in 2014 when it drove the Iraqi government forces out of key cities an western Iraq and captured the city of Mosul. Earlier that same year it had changed it’s name to Islamic state and proclaimed itself a worldwide Caliphate( a unified government for the Muslim world with a Caliph as ruler)

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Muslims facing a stigma everywhere because of actions of ISIS. Image Courtesy: Pixbay
Muslims facing a stigma everywhere because of actions of ISIS.
Image Courtesy: Pixbay

Theoritically a Caliph can exert the a religious, political and military control over Muslims worldwide. This information in turn inspired a wave of new fear, stigma and hate towards Muslims worldwide. Some people even believing that since a Caliph had a religious authority over Muslims worldwide; all the people who followed Islam would be a part of ISIS and it’s violent and terroristic schemes.Thereby giving reinforcing the idea of Islamophobia again.

The stigma against Muslims has risen all over the world after ISIS became active.The extent of this hate is evident by the following incident.

Tasnim Nazeer, an award winning freelance journalist, author , poet and a british Muslim was harassed by an ordinary citizen who approached her in Glasgow and demanded that she apologize for the actions of ISIS in the middle of a busy city square.”I have never experienced an incident of prejudice for being Muslim until recently when I was walking through the city of Glasgow.”She later said.

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But none of the European countries now the level of Islamophobia which is now evident in USA. Since the rise of ISIS in 2015, the stigma has now increased so much that is now affecting the outcome of 2016 presidential elections. The Republican Candidate Donald Trump now using and worsening the Islamophobia amongst people. He has openly voiced his dislike of Muslims and has even issued a statement during campaigning about removing all troops in Iraq calling it a terrorist state.

While it is clear that ISIS is contributing tremendously to the rising Islamophobia what most people don’t realise is by doing so we are falling right into their trap.

ISIS wants all the Muslims to join it and declare for their cause.Most Muslims right now strongly oppose their actions in the name of Allah and consider them as much as of a menace as everyone else, but with the rising Islamophobia not only are we alienating the Muslims we are also judging and condemning them for the actions of those who have nothing to do with them.

If this continues, it is very much possible that we might turn them against us because of our own actions which at the end of it, is exactly what ISIS wants.

It is high time that we stop hating the innocent Muslims around and join them to fight the people who are committing heinous crime in the name of Islam.

– prepared by Anubhuti Gupta of Newsgram. Twitter: @anuB_11