Jazz up Your Shoe Rack With Neon Colours

A Delhi-based stylist says apart from yellow, shoes in aqua, orange and pink are also in vogue

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Representational image. Pixabay

Put your black, white and beige footwear at the back of your shoe rack. Pick neon colours like fluorescent yellow, green, orange and shocking pink that are a rage this season and designers say they are a must have for fashion conscious folks.

Whether it is ballerinas, pumps, flip flops or wedges, people in the fashion circuit are readily flaunting colourful footwear to draw attention – a widely noticed trend at the recently concluded Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW).

Shoe designer Swati Mehrotra, who sells her products under the label Swati Modo, says colourful shoes, especially in yellow, are a must have for any fashion conscious person this season.

“These wild and wacky colours catch a lot of attention and that is why people are wearing them. Yellow is hot nowadays as it is very striking and makes for wonderful combinations like blue-yellow, red-yellow, green-yellow – all of these look fabulous,” Mehrotra told IANS.

But the designer also warns fashionistas to avoid gladiators in funky colours.

Representational image
Representational image. Pixabay

“Flats in yellow, ballerinas in various colours look great if teamed with a subdued dress or top. Even pumps and peep-toes in bright colours look good. But gladiators in such funky colours is an absolute no-no,” she added.

A Delhi-based stylist says apart from yellow, shoes in aqua, orange and pink are also in vogue.

“Even if the design of such shoes is not interesting or different, it still makes for a stylish accessory. The entire get-up gets a stylish tinge and looks cool. So if you are wearing subtle clothes, it is not really a bad idea to add a dash of wild colour with your shoes,” said the stylist, who did not wish to be named.

Neha Verma, 22, says neon colours jazz up the look and she would love to wear such shoes for a party.

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“I would love to wear fluorescent shoes for a party at a discotheque maybe or to a jazzy theme party. Wearing them in contrast with something would also look really good,” said Neha.

These coloured shoes are not only available in designer outlets and high-end fashion stores. One can get it in street markets like Greater Kailash M-Block market, South Extension, Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar and Janpath in the capital for as little as Rs.200 a pair.

Rakhi, a stylist with the men’s lifestyle magazine M, says since muted colours like beige, black, white and grey are in trend for the summer wardrobe, adding a hint of colour with accessories like jewellery, bags, hair accessories and shoes is advisable. (Bollywood Country)


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