Joker and Bane : The unsung heroes of Batman’s Gotham

By NewsGram Staff Writer

A villain who actually was a hero in a film. Can famous heroes be sidelined by the equally famous villains, who might turn out to be the actual protagonists? To some extent, this fact has been explained by a social media user. In a piece of 829 words it was suggested that Joker from the famous movie Dark Knight was actually the protagonist in the film.

On Reddit, a user named generalzee posted that it was Joker who contributed towards the removal of unjust elements of crime and chaos and helped in making Gotham more peaceful by uniting its citizens. Joker also tried to remove the one-man-justice substance imposed by Batman.

In an instance from the movie, the city was badly affected under the influence of the corrupt city officials and organised criminal groups. The city also tolerated the crimes of a crazy authoritarian who wrecked the places around wearing a rubber suit (special armour and carbon fiber).


Soon, Joker took over and he eliminated all kinds of organised crimes from the city in a very short period of time. The corrupt officers were brought to death or were jailed. The rubber suit paladin too went into exile for 8 years. Joker did all these things through a brilliantly executed plan.

This is not the only occasion when someone has suggested that one of the villains in Dark Knight was actually doing heroic acts.

Previously in November, another Reddit user notified that in the film, by bringing Batman out of retirement, Bane was helping Gotham city with a number of planned terror attacks. A Redditor ciociosanvstar also posted, “Bane wants to be beaten, and he’ll set up circumstances to bring about that end, but he isn’t just going to let it happen, it has to be real.”

Thus, saying that the arch nemeses of Batman actually did help Gotham to get rid of corrupt officials (who were criminals in disguise) and united the city is definitely not incorrect. A closer inspection of all the Batman movies would make one realize the truth behind the statements of these redditors.


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