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Khadda Nagar Panchayat is gearing up to make the town an investment hub

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Khadda, Uttar Pradesh: Residents of the town, along with the Nagar Panchayat, is gearing up to hold a Business summit to showcase various investment and tourism opportunities present in the town.

The summit, which is likely to be held during the month of May, will aim to attract both domestic and global investors to invest in various sectors, including agriculture, industries, and tourism.

Khadda is a small town in the Kushinagar district, with a total land area of 2 square kilometers and a population of around 16,000. But, the town has a great potential to develop as an industrial hub and a tourist center, owing to its location. It is located just a few kilometers from the borders of Nepal and Bihar and thus acts as a gateway to these places. Further, the town is located in the proximity of the river Badi Gandak and is well connected.

According to Ajay Pandey, a resident and an activist of Khadda, the town is ideal for developing an industrial hub because it has both land and labor- the two necessary resources- in plenty.

The town is rich in fertile lands, grows sugarcane and bananas in plenty, and is also known for its high production of milk, around 50,000 liters a day. Nagar Panchayat is aiming to attract investments in a wide range of sectors- Agriculture, Sugar production, Food production, MSMEs, Organic Fertilizers, Dairy, Tourism, Education, etc.

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