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Khadi gives Employment to a lot of people and should be encouraged: Ace fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh

Khadi, Pixabay

New Delhi, April 25, 2017: Ace fashion designer Rajesh Pratap Singh, known for using handloom in his creations, says a product like Khadi gives employment to a lot of people and thus, should be encouraged.

Earlier this month, the designer was seen giving makeovers to youngsters using handloom in the first episode of The NDTV Good Times show “Get The Look #GlobalIndia”.

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“Khadi is a hand-spun fibre. The virtues of Khadi are that there is a lot of air gap between the construction of the fabric which makes it very comfortable. We just have to make people aware of what it is, why Khadi is a product of so much effort. It is a very labour intensive product and gives employment to a lot of people,” Singh told IANS.

“We Indians have an emotional connect with the product. As the history involved with Khadi… it is a product with a real soul in it rather than a mass produce mill made fabric. Once you educate people about this, I think it is good enough for people to consider it over mass produce, so called cheaper product,” he added.

“Get The Look #GlobalIndia” will also have designer Sanjay Garg, Monica and Karishma and Gaurang Shah giving makeovers to thirteen youngsters.

The show will end on June 15. (IANS)

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Designer Gaurang Shah Gives Silk Chiffon a Handloom Makeover

The task wasn't easy as Shah struggled for a long period to recreate chiffon on the handloom

Representational image.
Representational image. Pixabay

Textile designer and jamdani weave exponent Gaurang Shah has given a handloom makeover to age-old chiffon — the elegant, sheer silk fabric, with a soft drape, stretch, and shimmering appearance — to appeal to modern-day fashionistas’ evening dresses, bridal wear as well as costume design wish.

The task wasn’t easy as Shah struggled for a long period to recreate chiffon on the handloom.

“After umpteen trials and experimentation, a 20 denier pure silk yarn was twisted in 3 ply and 2 ply with alternate twists, and then woven by handloom weavers in the interiors of India to create the textured and wrinkled chiffons, crafted to a 50-gram textile,” Gaurang said while announcing the arrival of handloom chiffons in his stores.

Revealing the elements of his new chiffon in handlooms creations, Shah said it is a beginning of ‘Handloom Chiffon’, breaking away from its symbolic past.

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“We have given the manifestation of the fashionable chiffon a bold spin by fusing several dyeing and printing surface techniques from textile clusters across India. The result is a collection of playful silken rendition of the modern day maharani and it was worth the wait as it spun out of our looms,” he said.

“We want women to wear and experience a whole new chiffon and not the same old chiffon,” he added. (Bollywood Country)

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