Khalsa Aid: Recognizing all of human race as one


By Rukma Singh

What started out as an effort to provide aid to victims of the Kosovo war, has now developed into a global relief agency. Khalsa Aid comprises of a huge sikh community that extends support in the form of food, money etc worldwide, during times of disaster. Khalsa Aid believes in selfless service, and with regular inputs and dedicated support from the unpaid volunteers, it has been successful in achieving its motives.

Providing Assistance to Displaced Victims of Civil War & Genocide in Kosovo

“We still have a very long way to go and through people’s generous support I am sure we can continue to offer assistance to the needy around the world.”, says Ravinder Singh Sidhu, Founder of Khalsa Aid.

Basic ideology
The humanitarian organization’s work is primarily based on the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib.
Since the launch of KA in 1999, they have provided aid in many different disasters.  The organization has a huge support base in the form of the Sikh community. Even challenges relating to lack of funds were tackled with the help of generous Sikhs, mostly from the United Kingdom.

The organization recognizes the supreme problem related to relief measure, i.e corruption. Even during a time of turmoil, there are some who come out with the motive of making easy money by taking advantage of the vulnerable public.

Khalsa Aid continues to provide relief to the Sikh and Hindu refugees at Panja Sahib Gurdwara, Pakistan.

But at KA, all efforts are made to ensure that such acts of deception find no place. People at Khalsa Aid have never given cash to any groups or individuals but have carried out their own proper assessments by their relief team and then appointed local contractors and suppliers.

Relief efforts

Haiti Earthquake

Khalsa Aid stands undeterred by geographical boundaries. For them, the whole world is one. They haven’t let borders come in the way of their efforts. Their present relief operations include Haiti Earthquake relief and Punjab Underprivileged Rural Empowerment.

Khalsa volunteers also decided to help the residents of Mumbai amidst the heavy downpour that has caused blockage, contamination, and a heavy ruckus.

KA volunteers distributed food all over Mumbai.
They left no stone unturned to make sure aid reached those in need.
KA set up the relief plan immediately after the downpour occurred.