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Latest Fashion Accessories for the Festive Season

Ethnic accessories can make your outfit more pleasing
Ethnic accessories can make your outfit more pleasing. Pixabay

Are you always on the lookout for latest fashion trends? Every season has a new style and trend coming up along with new styles of jewelry and clothing. The festive season is the best season to flaunt that style especially your Indian wear. Many girls are confused how to pair their clothes because of so many options to choose from they often end up wearing something they dislike.

But every wardrobe must have these accessories; it’s a crime not to!

  1. Jhumkas ( From Bareilly or otherwise)

An Indian look is never complete without the monumental jhumkas on a girl. How can someone forget something so pivotal? The jhumkas are Indian styled earrings which are bigger than usual earrings. They tend to bring out a pop of color along with their rustic feel.

The jhumkas are Indian styled earrings which are bigger than usual earrings. Pixabay
  1. Juttis

Footwear is the next best thing to clothes while dressing up! You get to choose from so many options, so many colors and designs. But the best choice would always be a pair of Juttis in the festive season. Juttis are an old comfortable pair of flats which are pointed from the beginning and come in various hip colors.

Juttis add an Indian touch to the outfit. Pixabay
  1. Necklaces which state their existence aka Statement Necklaces

If you choose to go simple but want to create a lasting impression, go for a statement neck piece. Many shops now sell heavily chunked necklaces made up of artificial material and even real diamond. They add a certain wow element to the outfit. So if you’re going simple, add a piece of junk jewellary and amaze your audience.

For lasting impressions, go for statement neck pieces! Pixabay
  1. Rings

If you accessorize properly, you must know that rings are an important part of your attire. They do make a difference and change the outlook altogether. There are plenty of artistic and colorful patterns available to choose from. You could match your rings with your neck pieces and even jhumkas!


  1. Payals aka Anklets

Looking good and accessorizing doesn’t just stop at your hands, the process is head to foot. Payals are the most elegant part of accessories, this fashion trend will never go out of fashion. Anklets come shiny and are simple but add a pinch of sophistication to the look you want to carry off. You can always buy matching bracelets.

Payals; an evergreen accessory. Pixabay

Don’t forget to add these accessories to your shopping list this festive season, the latest fashion trends keep changing but some things just remain evergreen.

Prepared by Tanya Kathuria of Newsgram; Twitter: @TanyaKathuria97

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