Law Commission likely to recommend gradual phasing out of death penalty except in terror-related cases


By NewsGram Staff-Writer


New Delhi: The Law Commission, which is scheduled to submit its report on death penalty to the Supreme Court and the law ministry on Monday, may recommend a gradual removal of the death sentences.

The panel, which is headed by Justice A P Shah is likely to propose a replacement of the death penalty with severe punishments like imprisonment ranging from 30 years up to 60 years for serious crimes, according to a report in Times of India.

After detailed consultation and analysis, the commission appears to have come to the conclusion that in the cases related to terrorism, the issue of death penalty is better left to the legislature, as it concerns the national security.

Further, the Law Commission may propose the government to adopt the United Kingdom’s approach in phasing out death penalty. UK had first cut down the number of crimes in which death penalty could be given, then in 1998 it removed death penalty for treason and piracy crimes, and finally abolished the capital punishment completely in 1999.


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