Chairs, the most ignored style statement in home furnishing

Chairs, the most ignored style statement in home furnishing
Chairs could sprinkle the finishing touch of finesse that every house needs. (IANS)

By: N. Lothungbeni Humtsoe

It's all about the little things, the wise ones say. We embellish our homes with classy coffee tables, shiny sofas and dazzling drapes. We make sure every nook and corner of our humble abode is adorned by a stunning element. But, an object that lies under the radar when it comes to home decoration is our friendly neighbourhood chair.

Pritika Singh, Founder, Mohh, explains why chairs could sprinkle the finishing touch of finesse that every house needs, "Whether it is the morning newspaper ritual, evening tea session or a late-night get-together, most of our lives are spent on and around chairs and yet they never get the attention they deserve. A chair with a spectacular feel and sublime design can not only add a dash of suave appeal but also enhance the look and vibe of any space. Imagine a guest walks into your hall, spots an eye-catching piece of furniture to perch on, and can't stop raving about it once they are seated! That's the kind of value a great chair adds."

"While they can weave a spell of magic in every room, it isn't that easy to spot the perfect chair. We need to find one that blends with our aesthetic sensibilities as well as the design language of our residence. We must also make sure they are crafted for utmost ease, with cushioning that spells pure solace. Above all, any chair we choose should be built to last for a long time. So, how does one come across a chair that provides all of the above, and much more?" Pritika Singh added.

"If it's the right chair, it doesn't take too long to get comfortable in it," this quote by Robert De Niro perfectly encapsulates why we need to kindle a newfound romance with those "good old seaters". In the modern world, humans are shrouded by lifestyles that see us spending more time in chairs than ever before. Home or office, date or meeting, chairs are everywhere! An everyday companion, an absolute essential!

So, in order to make our "sitting experiences" more smooth, more memorable, and more rewarding, it is imperative that we invest in chairs that aren't just thoughtless and flimsy products, but furniture that means something.


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