Why do you need long-distance movers in NYC?

Moving long distances in NYC is not an easy job. You would have to plan everything to the last box to avoid problems later on. You do not want to wait until the last minute to decide anything for the move. Cut out procrastination if you are going to move to a different city.
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By Frank Hamilton

Moving long distances in NYC is not an easy job. You would have to plan everything to the last box to avoid problems later on. You do not want to wait until the last minute to decide anything for the move. Cut out procrastination if you are going to move to a different city.

New York is an amazing city where many dreams come true, but it is also a place that will not go easy on you. The traffic becomes unbearable sometimes. With the increased demand, the cost of living is getting higher with each passing moment.

What to do then? Don't worry. There is a solution. Hire professional long-distance movers, NYC. They will help you plan, pack, and move. With them on your side, you can relax and watch their amazing team handle everything smoothly. Of course, you have to make sure you hire them early enough and figure out all the details.

Steps To A Successful Long-Distance Move

Now that you know, hiring a team of professionals is a great idea. Let us go through a step-by-step journey:

Decide The Date Of The Move

Once you have signed the contract for the new place, start making plans to move. First, it is important to fixate on a date that you are sure about. If you have a choice, move during the off-season. Also, the mover's website has a time preference.

Take the nighttime. This would help you get more flexibility and save hundreds of dollars. An off-season move is about half the price compared to a high-season move.

Get All Details

Now that you know when you are moving, it is time to start looking for details. When you are booking movers and packers, they would want several details like a comprehensive list of items to be moved, the number of bedrooms, The width of the corridor, the number of stairs to the previous and the new home, availability of a service lift and so on.

It is recommended to get a list of all the details that are required. Also, some of the buildings require a special application for the service lift to be made operational. Find out if your new building has such requirements and submit the application as and when required.

Hire Movers

Once you have all the details, it is time to hire the best team of movers. Before you make the payment, make sure you do some research of your own about the movers and packers. Ask your friends and family and read real-life testimonials about them.

That would give you an idea about their successes and their problems. You would have a window of 1 week to accept their quote. You might want to make changes in their quote, then ask for a revision.

Clear Out Your Bills

Now that you have a moving team with you, you can sit back and relax. Start clearing out your previous bills on your current home. It is advisable to clear out pending payments or other works regarding this home so that you don't have to come back to this house and the new owners or tenants won't be disturbed.

Apply For Address Change

Another thing to do before you move out is to apply for an address change. Many governments approved IDs have the address on them. They usually take some time to change them. Therefore, it is recommended to submit for the change before you move out.

The government-related changes are a process. Therefore, applying beforehand would help you receive the new IDs almost when you are about to go or when you are at home.

Start Packing Early

Simultaneously with the bills and changes, start your packing. It is another very important and tedious job to be done. You can either do it yourself or let the movers do it. There would be an extra fee for that, but it is always recommendable.

They are experienced, and they know the packing materials to be used and how to pack certain things. Your fragile and precious items are safe in the hands of professionals. To add extra security, you can purchase moving insurance that keeps you insured against damage or loss of property.

Label All The Boxes

If you are doing the packing yourself, make sure you label all the boxes. Have organization for all your items and have a separate bag or a box with items that you would need immediately after your reach. This helps you get dressed normally even though your whole wardrobe is not ready yet. Make sure the labeling is done with a waterproof marker.

Get Ready To Move

Finally, it is time to move. You are ready with every, packed to the last drawer. Planning early helps you to avoid last-minute rushes and prevents you from forgetting anything. Just go around one last time and check all the rooms.

Make sure the gas and electricity are off before you leave. Finally, you are ready to let go of the old home and start a new journey.


Those are the steps to follow. Make sure you talk with your moving partner about all the details and have constant communication. If there is some change in plans, make sure you convey the message as soon as possible.

The movers are usually booked out during the high season, i.e. summer. It is recommended to either fix a date during summer or prefer the winter time. There is more room for flexibility in the wintertime. (GP/SJ)

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