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As one of America’s homes of entertainment and comedy, Las Vegas has many great comedy clubs to visit. What, though, are the best options? Find out here.
6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)

6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)

Comedy Clubs

By Ahmed El-Zeky

As one of the most fun-filled cities in North America, Las Vegas does a fine job of helping you to get settled into a good time. There really is no shortage of the fun that can be had by coming to Vegas and giving it a whirl. With so much opportunity to simply let loose a little and have some fun, Vegas is a city that really makes it easy to get a few laughs. However, if you want dedicated laughter, you should consider going to one of the best comedy clubs in Las Vegas.

As you can see here, there are many options to choose from when it comes to Vegas comedy clubs. Where, though, are you most likely to find a fun-filled time had by all?

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)</em></p></div>
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<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)</em></p></div>

6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)

Comedy Clubs

<div class="paragraphs"><p><em>6 Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas. (Unsplash)</em></p></div>
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The Best Comedy Clubs In Las Vegas

  1. Brad Garrett’s

First on our list is Brad Garrett’s. If you are looking for a comedy club in Las Vegas, you will do well to find a more all-around option. The headliners are typically absolutely brilliant, and those who warm up for the headline act are usually pretty good.

This is a pretty wide-reaching comedy club, though, so it might be wise to spend some time looking into who will be performing – and when – before you decide to come along to any given night at Brad Garrett’s.

  1. Jokester Comedy Club

If you are looking for a fun comedy club, then make a stop-off at Jokesters. You will see comedians of all styles and personalities here, and there is no shortage of ne talent coming along as well. Yes, you will see major names at this Pegasus Showroom event, but you will also get to know new comedic talents who might have passed you by otherwise.

They also tend to have the excellent Battle Comics section, which is dedicated to military personnel with a great sense of humour. Listen to their awesome jokes and witticisms as they look to keep morale high across the globe. There is much to enjoy, and you will get used to seeing comedians from Jokesters on the TV and across media for years to come: it really is a bit of a career maker! 

  1. The Laugh Factory

With a name like the Laugh Factory, this Las Vegas comedy club has quite a lot to live up to. There is more than enough fun to be had by all if you come along here, though, so be sure to sign-up and see for yourself. It is quite a small club, so the events can feel a bit more intimate and close than you might get with other alternatives.

Generally, this is a stand-up lineup that tends to be pretty diverse in the kinds of comedy told so somebody should be up your alleyway.

  1. The Comedy Cellar

A great place to turn to for something a bit more light-hearted, The Comedy Cellar does a grand job of making sure you can have a rather spectacular time. This particular comedy club brand made its name in New York, and now it is part of the Vegas comedy club scene.

You will see top stars and big names here, as well as smaller comedians looking to make that major breakthrough. It is based in Rio, and it is typically on during a Thursday. Fun, satisfying, and very good for finding that next big name comic before they ‘make it’ big.

  1. The LA Comedy Club

While the name might throw you, the LA Comedy Club is very much in the heart of Vegas comedy. It has won awards in the past for being the top comedy club in Las Vegas, and it is also regarded as having a great eye for future breakout stars in the comedy world.

You will find that they tend to use a different theme or style of event each week. This keeps things fresh, and if you are in town for more than one week you should double-back to see what stars they have on next time.

  1. Delirious

A good name for a comedy club, Delirious is rated as one of the finest Las Vegas comedy clubs. There is always a name you will recognise on, though they do have a good habit of putting on newbies you might never have heard of (but will want to tell everyone about).

One thing to note is that they tend to be good for service, as well. Other Las Vegas comedy clubs can feel rammed, so if you want refreshments it can take too long. This club, though, manages to fit into its little spot at the Downtown Grand Hotel without a fuss. Quality comics, and with nightly shows you should have no problem finding a spot to enjoy a bit of proper side-splitting comedy. 

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