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Maharashtra Government forms State Commission for Backward Classes, will investigate Grievances raised by the members

Maharashtra Government's step taken for the betterment of the backward classes is mentionworthy

Mumbai, Jan 4, 2017: Maharashtra government constructed the State Commission for Backward Classes with retired justice Sambhajirao Mhase the Chairman today.

An official statement from Chief Minister’s Office said, the Maharashtra government constituted a State Commission for the  Backward and under-developed Classes. Retired Justice  Sambhajirao Mhase took over as the Chairman.

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Maharashtra State Commission for Backward Classes consists of esteemed members like – Dr Sarjerao Nimase (expert member), Prof Chandrashekhar Deshpande, Prof Rajabhau Karape, Dr Bhushan Kardile, Dr Dattatray Balsaraf, Dr Suvarna Rawal and Dr Pramod Yeole, according to the official statement, mentioned PTI.

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The primary roles of the Committee are-

  • The study and analysis of the existing situation of various provisions in the Constitutions and by the State Government for the Scheduled Castes and Tribes and come up with measures to fulfill the same.
  • To investigate cases of grievances raised by members from Scheduled Castes and Tribes
  • To take part in the process of creation of schemes and policies related to the economic upliftment of Scheduled Castes and Tribes and provide advice to the State Government regarding the same.
  • To take a review of matters registered under the Scheduled Castes / Tribes Atrocities Act 1989 and Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955. To take review of the financial support to be given to the affected persons under the above mentioned acts.
  • To accept and investigate grievances of SC/ST employees related to service. To take a review of policies related to Scheduled Castes / Tribes.
  • To deliver advice to the State Government for rolling out beneficial schemes for Scheduled Castes and Tribes.
  • To take necessary measures that stimulate the State Government in deciding things related to welfare, reservation, protection, development of Scheduled Castes / Tribes.
  • To suggest the inclusion or exclusion of castes in list of Scheduled Castes and Tribes.

We can surely hope that a committee like this will prioritize the neglected issues of the backward classes. This indeed was a thoughtful step taken by the Maharashtra government.

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