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Man drives around with wife’s Dead Body in ambulance in Delhi for hours: Know why!

Chhote Lal had admitted his 35-year-old wife, Anju in Hedgewar Hospital, 2-3 days back when she was complaining of high fever

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New Delhi, Sept 14, 2016: Indeed humanity has failed to survive yet again in Capital State, Delhi. 37-year-old Chhote Lal who runs a tea shop had to roam around in the streets of Delhi in an ambulance for four hours with his wife’s dead body before the cremation. Not just that, even the landlord allegedly did not allow to keep it at his rented accommodation in Karkardooma village in east Delhi.

Not just that, even the landlord allegedly did not allow to keep it at his rented accommodation in Karkardooma village in east Delhi. Chhote Lal had admitted his 35-year-old wife, Anju  in Hedgewar Hospital, 2-3 days back when she was complaining of high fever, mentioned the PTI reports.

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She took her last breath yesterday in a hospital. The police suspect this to be a case of ‘chikungunya’. Later that night, when grieving husband took his wife’s body to his rented house which is in Karkardooma, his landlord too, has refused to keep the body in the house. Finding no way out of this situation, he then decided to keep the body in the lane where his home is situated, but the neighbours had objected to that as well.

Having lost all hopes, he took the body back to the hospital where he was told that the authorities cannot keep the body.

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Lal’s landlord, Babloo told the police that Lal lives on the third floor of the building and it is not well ventilated so there was a possibility that the body might begin to decay in the cramped space. However, Babloo has helped Lal by giving him Rs. 2000 and arranging him an AC ambulance to preserve the body.

With no option left,  Lal went around the streets of Delhi with his wife’s body in an ambulance for almost four hours until he was spotted by the police staff near the Cross River Mall. On knowing about the whole matter, the staff called up Bhaswar Singh, a businessman residing in the area, around 12:30 a.m.

Later, Singh helped Lal by letting him keep the body at his home overnight. “Some police staff and Singh’s staff helped Lal perform the last rites of his wife who was cremated today morning,” said Lal.

– prepared by Enakshi Roy Chowdhury of Newsgram. Twitter: enakshirc58

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In an attempt to fully eradicate manual scavenging from the Indian capital, the Delhi government is working towards robotic solutions for cleaning sewers and septic tanks.

To achieve this goal, Delhi Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam convened a meeting with experts from IIT, Delhi Technological University (DTU), New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC), Delhi Jal Board (DJB) and Delhi Cantonment Board among others to discuss the possibilities and the need of robotic solution to sewer cleaning task, the government said on Thursday.

The idea was inspired from a Robot named Bandicoot, developed by Kerala-based start-up Genrobotics, that has been commissioned by municipal bodies in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

About 80 manual scavengers have been trained in these states to operate the robots in a bid to offset the loss of livelihood.

Bandicoot, a semi-automatic robot, only requires a human operator to stand on the street near the manhole.

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“The machine with its many cameras, a robotic arm with 360 degree mobility, and a handy bucket to collect the waste does the work. The operator is only needed for navigation when the manhole is of non-standard size or there are multiple sewer lines below,” a statement said.

“The Delhi government has already taken up various efforts to stop the inhuman practice of manual scavenging and would soon introduce fully mechanised system to clean the sewage system and septic tanks. Still there is a need for robotic solutions for smaller lanes and by lanes where machines cannot go,” the Minister said.

During the meeting, experts from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) said the robot is not constructed for the condition of Delhi. So they suggested that the DJB approach the company for demonstration and feasibility to use such machine in Delhi.

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While some experts suggested usage of censors in the manhole to check the status of toxic gases, some others suggested a database control room for various sewer line related data and a Helpline number for the same.

“The DJB has been asked to constitute a committee for implementation of various methods to use robot and other type of technology. The government will ensure funds to DJB for this purpose,” the Minister added. (IANS)