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Man’s Best Friend: How Do ESAs Make You Feel Better?

Emotional support animals are a natural way to feel better

Pets give us the love and support we need to help cope with psychological conditions.

Emotional support animals improve the lives of those with mental conditions like anxiety,
depression, PTSD, and OCD.  ESAs increase well-being and mental health and help people
cope with their disabilities.  Animals provide unconditional love and support.  No matter
how bad your day was, your dog will always be happy to see you when you come home.
Even just petting an animal reduces cortisol (the stress hormone) levels and is good for
heart health.  Learn more about how ESAs make you feel better.

You Feel Less Alone

Many people suffering from psychological conditions feel isolated and alone.  Those with
autism may have trouble connecting to other people.  When you’re depressed, it’s hard to
leave the house and have the energy to hold a conversation.  Dogs, cats, and other animals
ease the feelings of isolation without judgment or demanding questions. Your ESA ( maybe
you have heard the term emotional service dog?) is right there by your side no matter what, giving you love and support even if you feel like you don’t deserve it.

The results showed that the pups' attractiveness was lowest at birth and increased to a maximum before 10 weeks of age before declining and then levelling off.
Representational Image. Pixabay


Having an emotional support animal like a dog or cat helps keep you in a routine.  Dogs
require daily walks, forcing you to get out of the house even if you do not want to.  Find out the best dog breeds for social anxiety disorders. Dogs can help you interact with other
people and are great conversation starters.  Keeping a routine is great for stability and
reducing anxiety.  If you have depression, you have to put your ESA first and give them
exercise and attention.  Learn about the best ESA dog breeds for depression.

Stress Reduction

Animals make you smile, laugh, and reduce stress through happy brain chemicals like
oxytocin and reducing stress hormones like cortisol.  Dogs encourage exercise which helps
decrease stress and boosts mood.  Playing or just petting your pet is a natural stress
reliever.  Ever notice when you get home from a long, stressful day, you start to feel better
as soon as you give your pet some attention? It’s not magic; it’s science.

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Emotional support animals are a natural way to feel better.  Pets give us the love and
support we need to help cope with psychological conditions.  This love and support
increase mental health and well-being.  Emotional support animals help people feel less
alone and isolated from the world.  It can be easier to connect with animals than people
when you’re feeling down or have a condition that makes it hard to communicate your

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” Do ESAs reduce stress? ”
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Here’s how You Can Become Responsible Parents of Pets

Caring tips for senior pets

As pets grow old, pet parents need to become more responsible. Lifetime Stock


Humans and animals go through certain complications when they grow older. However, unlike humans, pets might not be able to communicate their pain and aches in words; the responsibility falls to the pet parents.

“Some people associate the term pet with cute pups and active dogs who leap and jump at the sight of the owners. But managing a pet can be a little more complicated than the postcard picture. The pet is the best friend of the family, and they loyally serve them in their youth. When they grow older, it becomes the family’s responsibiity o take care of their needs,” says Rosie Paul, the founder and COO of global pet consulting WoofWoofNow.

Here are a few suggestions from her that might be helpful in taking care of senior pets.

The right food

Pets food
Your pets should be given the right food that is healthy. Lifetime Stock

Pets suffer from digestive and other disorders, as they grow older. They might not be able to digest and metabolise the food like before. It is vital to plan their meals accordingly so that they can get adequate nutrition and at the same time, avoid weight gain. This would include fibre, protein and reduce carbohydrates.

Regular check-ups

Senior age brings its array of aches and diseases. It is essential to visit the veterinarian regularly to check their condition. The doctors might prescribe certain medicines and make changes in their diet. Always remember that the problem might be internal, and it can be treated easily if diagnosed earlier. Do not wait for the symptoms to seek medical help.

Maintain proper hygiene

Hygiene is crucial for pet care. The dog’s teeth might get damaged over time. Maintaining proper dental hygiene would allow the owners to check for the damage and seek timely assistance.

Keep them active

Senior dogs might not be active like in their young days. However, it is vital to maintain a moderate exercise schedule for them. A lack of exercise might increase their lethargy and even cause weight gain. Parents can take them on short walks at regular intervals.

Pets health
To maintain the health of your pets, take them to regular health check-ups. Lifetime Stock

Monitor their behaviour

Attention is a critical aspect of care for older dogs. Owners can track their behaviour and even journal it to check for any abnormal behaviour. These might be an indication of their pain or discomfort. It is essential to seek medical help if they note any consistent changes in their appetite or behaviour.

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Every pet is unique, and they have their ageing pattern. Sometimes, time passes by before the parents realise it. It is essential to check with the veterinarian regarding this information and keep track of their growth. The right care right from an early stage can slow down the ageing process. It is vital to pet-proof the house to assist the animals in moving with ease. (IANS)