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Maoists commemorate slain leaders with landmine blast, one killed


New Delhi: A landmine blast triggered by Maoists in the Kanker district of Chattisgarh left one police personnel dead and another jawan critically injured on Wednesday.

Interestingly, the attack occurred on the first day of the Peoples’ Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) week. The Communist Party if India (Maoist) had urged all their comrades to observe the week. The ultra outfit is observing the PLGA week from today till December 8 to commemorate their leaders  were killed during different operations against security forces.

The blast rattled the area during a joint drive by the Border Security Force (BSF)  and the Kanker.

The Maoist triggered the blast when the joint force was cordoning a forest area in Markanar village 300 kms from north Bastar.

Immediate reinforcement was rushed to the spot. Despite two personnel bejng airlifted and shifted to Raipur for treatment, assistant constable Baijuram Potai succumbed to his injuries.  Reportedly, Santram Netam is also critical.

Security was beefed up in the area. Joint forces have initiated a combing operation to nab the rebels.

The extremist outfit had chalked out a plan to observe the week and bolster their organisational strength. Meetings and discussions were held to review their operational prowess. They also carried out rallies to spread anti-government propaganda across the Bastar district. Notably, the outfit was also on a recruitment drive to increase the number of cadres.

Intelligence reports suggested that the Maoists are contemplating on carrying out massive scale subversive activities and attack security forces.

The outlawed outfit had ambushed a team of Special Task Force (STF), killing one personnel in Darbha region in tribal Bastar district of Chhattisgarh in August this year.

Bastar is considered as a Maoist bastion and this attack testifies the claim.

The Communist Party of India (Maoist) had earlier carried out a deadly attack killing frontline Congress leaders in 2013.

Though the activities of the outfit had considerably toned down but the current attack clearly reveals their activeness in the region.

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Meet Dharampal Saini : The man who made it possible for tribal girls in Bastar to attend school

Bastar's Dharampal Saini is the pioneer of spreading education among tribal girls in Bastar.

(Representational Image) Image Source: therealyouth.org
  • Dharampal Saini is the pioneer of Mata Rukmini Devi Ashram chain of schools in Bastar.
  • Even at 87 years, he is not satisfied and feels that there is room for improvement in the society and education of Bastar.
  • He is fondly referred to as “tauji” by the students of his school.
The savior of Bastar. Image Source : theweek.in
The savior of Bastar. Image Source : theweek.in

Dharampal Saini, fondly known as ‘Tauji’ in his village Bastar, is a 87-year-old activist and teacher. He is the pioneer of Mata Rukmini Devi Ashram chain of schools in the village.

Born in Dhar,he was introduced to the teachings of Gandhi at a tender age by one of his teachers, which turned out to be the changing point of his life. Soon, he met a social activist Vinoba Bhave who was working for the upliftment of the Bhil tribes of Madhya Pradesh. Saini then decided to work with him under certain Gandhian organizations.

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An article about tribal girls of Bastar had made him take the initiative to educate them. Bastar at that time was undeveloped and was under Naxalite influence.While it was a tough road to chart, ‘Tauji’ never gave up.

He pestered Bhave till he agreed and received a letter and a donation of merely five rupees from the Chief Minister. He found a land in Dimrapal village, a long way from Jagdalpur.

On December, 1976 Saini started his first school with two women teachers and two other support staff. Initially, none of the villagers wanted their girls to go to school. Saini worked day and night, never yielding and got some of them to agree to give their daughters school education. He included extra-curricular activities and what not in the school curriculum.

Next, he opened a school in a Naxal infested area in Barsur. It was highly dangerous but he was determined to make it work. Government, impressed by his efforts, gave him a sizeable donation to open further schools nearby, quoted thebetterindia.com.

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As Mata Rukmini Devi Ashram schools gained a good name in the society, Saini started inviting boys to study in his schools as well. Thus, it no longer remained an educational drive only for tribal girls but became a more inclusive program.

Students meditating, laing with their Tauji. Image Source : theweek.in
Students meditating, laing with their Tauji. Image Source : theweek.in

Today, Saini and his group of schools have succeeded in promoting education among the people of Bastar, to whom education had appeared to be an alien subject. The Ashrams not only serve as a refuge from the otherwise deplorable condition of tribal people in the area but it is also a place where they get to pursue their best interests.

The girls are so good in athletics that some of them have even played at the national level. Their medals decorate the walls of Saini’s humble abode of two rooms. From the very beginning, he had given as much emphasis on physical education as on academic excellence. He had told the Time of India :

“This issue worried me on how to inculcate the habit of studying and creating a learning atmosphere in school. For this I initiated Yoga and then a district forest officer suggested to me to channelise this energy for sports activity as these tribal girls have immense stamina and by the time they are four years old, they walk kilometres barefoot to forests to collect supplies. So I started teaching them sports and in the year 1985, a 14-year-old girl Mangal Mode won the first national medals for us in discus throw and kabaddi.”

Image Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com
Image Source : timesofindia.indiatimes.com

In spite of revolutionizing Bastar’s education system, Saini is not yet satisfied. He intends on working more to make Bastar an even better place.

-prepared by Atreyee Sengupta, an intern at NewsGram.

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  1. Education is the most valuable thing one can give to the others. This man had done a complimentary job.

  2. So encouraging at the age of 87, this man should be recognized and more people should be urged to do this in their areas so that children attain at least the basic education

  3. Education is the main aspect for the development of the country. This man is doing a great job.