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May 20 is World Whisky Day: Why would a wine maker foray into the whisky space? To give it a twist!

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– by Vishnu Makhijani

May 20, 2017: Why would a wine maker foray into the whisky space? To give it a twist!

“We’ve always wanted to offer something new to our consumers and therefore Eclipse is crafted with a twist, with the addition of a matured Grape Spirit and blended with peated malt and scotch,” Yogesh Mathur, Vice President, Artisan Spirits Pvt. Ltd, a subsidiary of Sula Vineyards, told IANS as World Whisky Day was celebrated on Saturday (May 20).

“So, even though Sula has ventured into the whisky market, we have successfully managed to keep our feet firm to our roots. In this cluttered beverage market, Eclipse is clearly a stand-out from the crowd as being the only whisky in the market produced with matured grape spirits, leaving a smooth and lasting flavour of fruits and vanilla on the palate,” he added.

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What else can one expect in the whisky space in the year ahead?

“There seems to be a growing trend of whisky cocktails, which is very exciting. In general, the way in which whisky is consumed these days is more relaxed — acceptable neat, with ice, with mixers and in cocktails – whatever consumers prefer,” Caroline Martin, the master blender for Diageo’s Signature whisky, told IANS in an email interaction.

Don’t many consider it sacrilegious to use whisky, particularly single malts, as a base for cocktails?

“I agree it’s sacrilege and so we used the Glennfiddich 12 (instead of a higher-end single malt). Why not experiment? Not everyone is a purist,” Chef Manish Mehrohtra had previously told IANS at a tony food-tasting event.

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So, enter the Monkey Thandai, with the base being Monkey Shoulder, a free-spirited, fun-loving three-malt blend with an easygoing smooth, rich and mellow vanilla deliciousness. Quite faddish it has become for the Indian summer drinker.

To get back to Martin, how does one describe a whisky drinker?

“In my opinion, people who are new to whisky prefer accessible flavours, whereas adorers of whisky are more open to more robust flavours.

“I think this very much depends on the occasion to some extent. Consumers will choose what they want to drink depending on what they want to get from it. It’s important, therefore, to ensure consumers are given a broad range of whiskies to choose from — in terms of flavour/price and the like — so that their drink of choice is always a whisky,” she added.

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What then, at the bottom line, drives the whisky market in India?

“India is the world’s biggest whisky market and that makes it a fantastic place for us to do business. One of the biggest trends we are currently seeing in India is the rise of a cocktail culture in whisky,” James Pennefather, Managing Director, William Grant & Sons India, told IANS.

He attributed this to three factors.

“Bartenders with better skills, an increasingly vibrant bar scene plus drinkers with an international outlook who are looking for different drinks’ experiences.”

“Through our investment in mixology initiatives such as our current ‘Summer Tails’ activations in bars and programmes such as the Ultimate Bartender Challenge have helped develop bartenders’ skills further,” Pennefather added. (IANS)


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Compound Found in Grape Skin Can Protect Against Lung Cancer: Research

The resveratrol concentration obtained in the lungs after nasal administration of the formulation was 22 times higher than when taken orally

grapes, improvement of teeth
Consumption of grapes can lead to having healthier teeth. Pixabay

Researchers have found that a molecule — resveratrol — found in grape skin, seeds and red wine can protect against lung cancer.

Lung cancer is the deadliest form of the disease in the world and 80 per cent of deaths are related to smoking. In addition to tobacco control, effective chemo-prevention strategies are therefore needed.

In experiments in mice, the researchers from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) prevented lung cancer induced by a carcinogen found in cigarette smoke by using resveratrol.

Lung cancer
This formulation is applicable to humans, the researchers noted.

“We observed a 45 per cent decrease in tumour load per mouse in the treated mice. They developed fewer tumours and of smaller size than untreated mice,” said Muriel Cuendet, associate professor at the varsity.

The team conducted their 26-week study on four groups of mice. The first one — the control — received neither carcinogen nor resveratrol treatment. The second received only the carcinogen. The third received both the carcinogen and the treatment, whereas the fourth received only the treatment.

When comparing the two groups that were not exposed to carcinogen, 63 per cent of the mice treated did not develop cancer, compared to only 12.5 per cent of the untreated mice.

“Resveratrol could, therefore, play a preventive role against lung cancer,” Cuendet added.

This formulation is applicable to humans, the researchers noted.

Lung cancer
Tobacco use is one of the main risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including cancer, lung diseases and cardiovascular diseases, Pixabay

However, when ingested, resveratrol did not prevent lung cancer as it is metabolised and eliminated within minutes. It does not have time to reach the lungs.

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Conversely, when the molecule was administered through the nasal route, it as found to be much effective and allows the compound to reach the lungs.

The resveratrol concentration obtained in the lungs after nasal administration of the formulation was 22 times higher than when taken orally, the researchers said. (IANS)