Thursday April 9, 2020
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Modi calls for sensitivity in policing


New Delhi: Underscoring the need for sensitivity in policing, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Friday that police should establish links with local communities to curb the growing menace of radicalization of Indian youths by terror outfits including ISIS.

Addressing the concluding session of the three-day DGPs conference in Rann of Kutch, Modi called for setting up a flexible instructional framework which would facilitate the police to remain connected with the local communities.

Sensitivity should be a vital element of policing and a flexible institutional framework should be built, which can help imbibe sensitivity towards citizens in the police force,” Modi said.

Emphasizing the need to take local communities into confidence, Modi further asked the police officers to make use of modern technology for policing and curbing crimes.

It might be mentioned that the Police in various Indian states including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Delhi have involved families and community elders to deradicalise a few youths.  Allegedly, the Middle-East terror body ISIS had tried to radicalize Indian youths.

The Prime Minister further asked the police to work jointly and interact with police from other states.

Calling upon the law and order forces to make effective use of digital technology and social media, Narendra Modi asked everyone to remain vigilant against the growing threat of cyber crimes.

Lauding the three-day conference, Narendra Modi said, organizing the conference testified the dedication and competence of the police force.

He called for a clear roadmap to implement the recommendations that emerged from the conference.

Modi’s address touched on a wide range of topics including tourism policing, disaster management and police training.

The three-day conference organized by the Intelligence Bureau was attended by luminaries including Home Minister Rajnath Singh and Ministers of State for Home. (Inputs from agencies)

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16-year old with ISIS links questioned by Pune ATS


Pune: A 16-year old girl in Pune was reportedly radicalized by ISIS contacts from Syria. She was investigated by Pune’s Anti-terrorist squad (ATS) sleuths and sent to a de-radicalization programme.

After receiving information on the girl’s changing habits and growing inclination to watch ISIS related videos, ATS began monitoring her.

“The girl was interrogated by the ATS last week after monitoring her movements for many days on getting information about her. It confirmed her initiation by the ISIS. The interrogation of the girl revealed that she was ready to go to any extent to carry out the ISIS directive,” said Pune ATS officer Bhanupratap Barge.

The officer also added that the girl is a bright convent educated class 11 student studying at a city college.

According to the ATS, the minor girl watched a documentary on television and subsequently started regularly monitoring news on Al Jazeera channel.

“Later, she used the internet to get in touch with ISIS contacts and got in touch with about 200 young persons from different countries. Her interrogation revealed that she was told to come to Syria for medical education and for further initiation,” Barge said.

He said that she also replaced her Jeans with a full-length burqa, hinting at the effects of her growing engagement with ISIS.

“Even her family members noticed the change in her and felt disturbed,” the ATS inspector said.

The officer added that the de-radicalisation programme with the help of a community clergy and family members was ‘working’. (IANS) (image courtesy: theatlantic)