Modi in UK: Indian Prime Minister hopes for Britain’s Participation In Solar Alliance

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi at delegation-level talks with the Prime Minister of United Kingdom (UK), Mr. David Cameroon, at 10 Downing Street, London on November 12, 2015.

London: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the first day of his three-days long UK visit ,said that he is hopeful of Britain’s participation as a valuable partner in  the International Solar Alliance that he proposes to launch during the UN climate change summit in Paris, later this month.

Addressing the British Parliament, Modi said those who have the means and the know-how must help meet the universal aspiration of humanity for clean energy and a healthy environment.

“And, when we speak of restraint, we must not only think of curbing fossil fuels, but also moderating our lifestyles. We must all do our part. For India, a target of 175 GW of additional capacity in renewable energy by 2022 and reduction in emission intensity of 33-35 percent by 2030 are just two of the steps of a comprehensive strategy,” he said.

Modi said he proposed to launch during the COP 21 meeting in Paris an International Solar Alliance to make solar energy an integral part of life, even in the most unconnected villages.

“In Britain, you are more likely to use an umbrella against rain than the sun. But my team defined the membership of the Solar Alliance in more precise terms: You have to be located within the Tropics. And, we are pleased that the United Kingdom qualifies! So, we look forward to an innovative Britain as a valuable partner in this endeavor,” he said.

Modi said he and British Prime Minister David Cameron were happy that cooperation on affordable and accessible clean energy was an important pillar of bilateral relations.