Modi is worst victim of ideological intolerance, says Jaitley

Claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the ‘worst victim of ideological intolerance,’ Finance Minister Arun Jaitley alleged that the Congress, Left and other political parties have been categorically disrupting the development initiatives of the government.

The Finance Minister further said on Sunday that strategic moves by his government have led to the World Bank and the WEF upgrading India’s ranking among countries facilitating better business opportunities.

“First, obstruct Parliament and do not permit reforms which will bring credit to the Modi Government. Secondly, create, by structured and organized propaganda, an environment that there is a social strife in India”, said Jaitley in his Facebook blog.

Reiterating that those involved with the Dadri lynching would be taken to task, the minister termed that the ‘stray’ incident as ‘unfortunate’ and ‘condemnable’.