Moo-Q , an app to measure the high point of your brain

The smartphone app measures mood and brain power

By NewsGram Staff Writer

Smartphones just got smarter! With this new app,you can discover what time of your day your brain is working the best.

Moo-Q“, an app developed by psychologists in the UK asks people how positive or negative they are feeling at a certain time of the day. On the basis of the test, it records the processing speed and memory of your brain resulting in brain-pathways-141223a personalized Moo-Q chart, which displays a color-coded graph showing mood and brainpower across hours, days and weeks. Normally, brain test scores are highest early in the day.

“The app will alert you to changes in your brain over time, in memory or processing speed, and it can even help you to exercise your brain,” Dr Sophie von Stumm from University of London was quoted as saying.

Moo-Q can be downloaded free from Apple’s App Store.