Moses Nagamootoo: Guyana’s First Tamilian Prime Minister

Guyana: Moses Nagamootoo, born in the village of Whim, in the eastern country of Guyana, is the first Prime Minister of Guyana who has a Tamilian background.

Earlier he has also worked as a teacher and journalist and later he became a lawyer.

Nagamootoo is a popular leader. He has been the PM since June 2015 and was also chosen as the first Vice President of the country.

Nagamootoo has written a novel named Hendree’s Cure (2001), which describes a world of Madrassi fishermen who inhabited the Corentyne village of Whim in the 1950s and 1960s. The novel shows that he is proud of his India connection and still clings to it.

He entered politics at the age of 14. Since then he is a member of People’s Progressive Party (PPP) and Progressive Youth Organization (YPO). At its 29th Congress on August 2, 2008, he received the fifth-highest number of votes (595) in the election to the PPP Central Committee.

Nagamootoo has served in the Parliament of the country and was also Minister of Information and Local Government. Of the total population of Guyana, 43.5% of the population is of East Indian origin, out of which 28.4% are Hindus. Since 1830s, Indians have been migrating to Guyana making it a diversified country.(inputs from agencies)(image:


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