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MUFFLED: Another Bangladeshi blogger killed with machetes



In an attack on free speech, another Bangladeshi blogger has been hacked to death on Monday by suspected Islamists in Dhaka, a month after blogger Avijit Roy was killed in similar fashion.

“Identified as Washiqur Rehman, the victime was rushed to Dhaka Medical College and Hospital where the doctors pronounced him dead,” according to local media channel Bdnews 24.

Police said they have seized three machetes used for meat cleaving from the spot. Two students of a madrasa, suspected to be involved in the murder, have been detained.  Rahman was attacked in the Tejgaon Industrial area.

Dhaka Metropolitan Police’s Deputy Commissioner Masudur Rahman said that apart from being a blogger the victim was a NGO worker about 27 years of age.

On February 26, Bangladeshi-American Avijit Roy, a secular blogger who started a blog ‘Muktamona’(Free- thinkers), was hacked to death in identical manner in Dhaka University campus. His wife and fellow blogger Rafida Ahmed Bonya was seriously injured in the attack.

Farabi Shafiur Rahman, who had earlier threatened to kill Avijit, was arrested, but the actual killers are yet to be identified, police said.



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