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Mumbai will present Rabindranath Tagore’s Play ‘Mayar Khela’ in the form of Opera

The opera has taken nearly five years of meticulous effort with the script and the music, to become a reality

Mumbai, November 16, 2016: Rabindranath Tagore’s play “Mayar Khela” is scheduled to be showcased here in the form of an opera.

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[bctt tweet=”The opera will be presented on December 10, read a statement issued on behalf of the organisers. ” username=””]

Interpreted and directed by Sumitro Mukherjee, the opera has taken nearly five years of meticulous effort with the script and the music, to become a reality, the statement read.

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The opera will be showcased with multi-layered stage and dance sequences with a blend of Indian classical and Western contemporary forms. Artistes like Raul D’Souza, Prachi Save Saathi, Manju Elangbam, Mahathi Vijayprakash, Nilesh Singha, Anusree Bonnerjee will be a part of it.

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“Mayar Khela” was first staged in 1888. It is about the confused heart that stutters and stumbles on its way to the realisation of it’s dream. It showcases emotions like the pain of rejection, the anxiety of desire, the joy of acceptance. (IANS)



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