Nationalism in Indian context is ‘Rashtradharma’, says former BJP MP Tarun Vijay

Kumaon Literature Festival. Twitter

October 12, 2016: The usage of the term ‘nationalism’ carries connotations of Nazism and Stalinism, said former BJP MP Tarun Vijay on Tuesday.

At the Kumaon Literature Festival (KLF) in Ramnagar, while speaking at a session on ‘National ideologies and their effect on global politics’, Vijay drew similarities with the present usage of the word ‘nationalism’ to the historical figures of Mussolini and Hitler and felt that the term has its roots in the days of Nazis and Stalin.

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According to PTI, he further added, “The word nationalism itself is a condemned word. So, I do not say nationalism. I say dharma of my country, which is its fragrance and soul.”

Former BJP MP Tarun Vijay. Twitter
Former BJP MP Tarun Vijay. Twitter

In March, BJP had passed a resolution saying, “Nationalism, national unity and integrity are an article of faith of the BJP.”

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In the recent past, the party has sought to grab the ‘nationalist space’, amid the raging debates over JNU row, returning of the awards by intellectuals as well as PoK surgical strikes. The BJP MP from Uttarakhand said “the word ‘ideology’ was a “communist construct,” earning a few sniggers from the audience.”

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He further added, “I do not accept that ‘ideology’ is an Indian construct. It is a western construct, a leftist, communist construct. They wanted to frame everything within their four walls. When someone says that you are an ideologue, I feel that someone from the Stalinist era is speaking of Gulag and Siberia. For me, the Indian construct would be dharma,” mentioned the PTI report.

However, in a communication with NewsGram, Mr. Tarun Vijay stated that the statement he gave at KLF has been distorted. He adds, “My presentation was on how nationalism has been misinterpreted by the westerners who feel uneasy with the word nationalism connecting it with Hitler. In Indian context, it’s different that means Rashtradharma meaning our duty towards our nation. I m a proud nationalist in Indian context of Rashtradharma.”


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