Need investment? Ask new funder on the block, Linkin Park


By NewsGram Staff Writer

For the 90s generation its throw back time, again.

If you are a stock trader who spent her childhood years feeling numb or doubting if somewhere I belong, you can now continue your business on an app, or use shipping services funded by Linkin Park.

Leaving out all the rest, the multimillion dollar tune-churning machine, Linkin Park have turned themselves into venture capitalists. To break the heavy word down, it means the hard rock group is investing its decade long amassed wealth into start ups.

The group has created an in-house tech team and has decided to fund consumer-focused businesses which try to connect to people.

Linkin Park have hired Kiel Berry, a creative business executive to bring about a paradigm shift to improve profits in the light of falling revenues from album sales and downloads.

However, in a statement that might come as a shock or realization of the forever moving wheel of time to a fanboi, the band declared that music is less important to them than business ventures.

“Creating and selling music now plays more of a supporting role in our overall business mix,” Berry was quoted in the Independent.

The band has already invested in Lyft, a peer-to-peer transport network, Robinhood, a stock trading app, Shyp, a mobile app that provides shipping services and Blue Bottle Coffee .

Branching out into profitable activities in their lean years is a practice followed by most rock and roll veterans. From clothing lines to vineyards, for commercial musicians, in the end it’s just about how not to hit the floor.