“New Year New Me” : This New Year turn Your Resolutions into Questolutions!

Questolutions will be more effective because psychologically they will have a stronger impression on a person's mind

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New Delhi, Jan 1, 2017: We have all been in the “New Year New Me” phase at the initiation of every year. We have made resolutions on the occasion of New Year, only to see them falling apart in two weeks or so. But what is it that makes our resolutions crash into the third or fourth week of the new year and having a sad end? And once crashed, our resolutions never resurrect. Why?

Maybe because its not the lack of our willpower or determination to accomplish our goals, maybe its what our goals actually are. But how should one go ahead with the resolutions then? Here are few basic pointers of how to go ahead with the New Year resolutions:

  • Turn your Resolutions into Questolutions

Resolutions are basically what we want, from ourselves. When we make a resolution, it goes somewhat like this, I will become an avid reader this year. This is where the problem lies. If one is resolving to become an avid reader, he is just claiming that he will read. Gradually, the “will read” becomes a “might read, if time allows” and it ends up being “will start reading from next year.”

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Instead of just resolving to become a reader, one should “questolute” ie. pose questions to oneself like “which books will I read?” or “What part of the day will I devote to reading?”. Your questolutes will have to have a logical and reasonable answer.

  • Answer your questolutes

When you have a questolution, you will want answer it also! And once you answer it, you will have a fair chance of actually sticking to what you have decided to do. If you want to become a reader, you should answer your questolute as to which books will you read. Make a list of books that you want to read by the end of the year. Once you have a list of books you want to finish reading, you will want to read a book fast and not get stuck on it till the end of the year.

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  • Why will questolutions be more effective?

Questolutions will be more effective because psychologically they will have a stronger impression on a person’s mind. It will enable a person more to work on their resolutions, thus giving positive results on the resolution front.

– by Shambhavi Sinha of NewsGram. Twitter:  @shambhavispeaks