NewsGram Exclusive: Why Simran Bedi Slapped AAP leader Sanjay Singh? Listen to what she has to say!

AAP Women Wing member Simran Bedi Slapped Sanjay Singh and bares all about Corrupt AAP leaders

Simran Bedi, Source: ABP news

New Delhi, April 5, 2017: Last Sunday (April 2, 2017), Sanjay Singh (AAP leader who is being widely criticized by party volunteers for corruption and favoritism in Punjab and subsequently in Delhi) was slapped by Simran Bedi, an AAP member, and active AAP Mahila Wing worker. She asserted that she was not permitted to raise the issue of alleged corruption in the ticket distribution in the party for the upcoming MCD Elections 2017.

Simran Bedi from Rajouri Garden Assembly constituency has slapped Sanjay Singh as the party did not allow her to raise the issue of ticket selling despite several attempts. Singh was campaigning for the party for Rajouri Garden Assembly by-poll.


Newsgram contacted Simran Bedi to be on familiar terms with the insight of the violence occurred. Following facts emerged out of our conversation: 

  • Simran stated that she joined AAP for weeding out corruption from Indian Political system and she was not keen on contesting upcoming MCD elections Pritpal Singh Kalra, AAP’s district in charge convinced her to file the nomination for the ticket.
  • Simran clearly says that her not getting the ticket is not an issue but what triggered her was the unjust demand for money for getting the ticket for upcoming MCD polls. She is in possession of voice recording, which proves that  Tilak Nagar’s AAP MLA Jarnail Singh and senior AAP leader Sanjay Singh are trading MCD tickets for money.

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  • She approached Delhi CM and AAP convener Mr. Arvind Kejriwal several times with the voice recording where she is asked for bribery, However, she was disregarded utterly and was not allowed to meet him. Not only this, she was overlooked by Dilip Pandey (Convener of AAP Delhi Unit). She even approached security officer of Delhi CM Ram Jha via messenger to seek a meeting with Kejriwal but she couldn’t manage meeting the CM and also Ashoutosh, another AAP leader.
  • After consistent efforts, her husband managed to meet Kejriwal to discuss pervading corruption but he like a routine politician dismissed the recording. On this, Simran’s husband argued that it was Arvind who used to say bring us voice recording of corrupt officials and he will suspend them but now for his own party’s corruption he is behaving in a completely opposite manner.
  • At last, she was suggested to talk to Mr. Sanjay Singh regarding the problems of corruption.
  • Simran wanted to talk to Sanjay Singh regarding the corruption in the party. She had the voice recording where she is asked to pay money for the ticket.
  • She approached Ajit Tyagi, the Personal Assistant/driver of Sanjay Singh but he also did not respond to her.
  •  Then she saw Sanjay Singh’s road show in her assembly as an opportunity to meet him. As she stepped forward to have a word with Sanjay, his assistant Ajit Tyagi attacked her verbally. Innayat Ullah, an AAP worker from ward 07 and abused her with filthy words. Dejected and heartbroken, Simran slapped Sanjay Singh in front of everybody.
  • Sanjay Singh in the aftermath of the violent reaction by Simran Bedi threatened her with abuses and also of getting her beaten up by ‘Munna Bhai’, a goon from Varanasi.

Simran Bedi while speaking to Newsgram says, “I did the right thing and I don’t regret my actions. I slapped a corrupted man, who ruined the whole Punjab. This man distributed tickets to wrong people in Punjab as well”.

Simran further highlighted the reasons for why AAP lost in the Punjab State. She had spent considerable time in Punjab for AAP’s campaigning.

  • Sucha Singh Chotepur, the former AAP Punjab Convener was alleged for the basis of corruption despite having no proofs against him.
  • Chotepur was a strong candidate and with his help, we could have crossed the milestone.
  • Sanjay Singh along with Durgesh Pathak distributed tickets to wrong people. There was no popular face with whom the people could associate.
  •       The main reason for loss in Punjab was ticket selling by Sanjay Singh and Durgesh Pathak.

“On one side they preach about respecting women and on the other side they disregard women and abuse”, stated Simran Bedi on malignant attitude towards Women Wing of AAP.