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Nitasha Biswas: India Crowns its First Transqueen from Kolkata

Nitasha Biswas
India Crowns its First Transqueen Nitasha Biswas from Kolkata. Facebook
  • Nitasha Biswas was crowned The first Transqueen India
  • She was presented the crown by Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena
  • Nitasha will represent India at Miss International Queen in Thailand in 2018

New Delhi, August 31, 2017: The first Transqueen India, Nitasha Biswas, was crowned in Gurgaon on Sunday. The transwoman is presently studying Business Management in Kolkata.

Manipur’s Loiloi Haorongbam stood as the first runner-up, whereas Ragasiya from Tamil Nadu stood as the second runner-up in the beauty pageant.

The 26-year-old was presented the crown by Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena.

Among 1500 trans women who had applied for the contest in India, 16 were shortlisted for the final show.

Nitasha said, “My journey was not easy. I feel very privileged to be where I am today and knowing so much of struggles and hardships that I’ve gone through”, mentioned Daily Bhaskar.

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“This is a very big responsibility and I would like to focus on transgender women rather than focusing on rights. I never wanted rights. I always wanted to empower our system and our community because that’s what is needed, Natasha was quoted by a leading English daily saying.”

She says many transwomen have to face umpteen hurdles owing rejection of society and lack of family support. Some of them also become a victim of molestation and pain.

“They are getting into sex work. So, it is the time that every sector of the society needs to come out and help this community for its betterment”, Biswas adds,

In March 2018, Biswas is likely to represent India at Miss International Queen in Thailand, whereas the first runner-up will compete for the title, Miss Transsexual Australia.

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Kolkata Showcases in Top 100 Global Travel Destinations

Whiteways and Laidlaw Building in Kolkata. Wikimedia

Oct 2, 2017: Kolkata is featured in the top 100 travel destinations globally alongside other Indian cities namely, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, and Bengaluru, as indicated by Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index 2017.

Chennai stands out in India, other than emerging among the top 10 destinations in Asia Pacific when it comes to overnight visitor arrivals.

Travel and tourism in India is on the rise, an authority of a main travel house in the city told PTI.

Durga Puja festival in Kolkata is a major attraction for foreigners with at least two- to three-day stay, he said.

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According to the Mastercard Global Destinations Cities Index 2017, there are no indications of the slowdown in travel and tourism in Asia Pacific with the region dominating visitor arrivals.

This is additionally affirmed with the main 10 cities in Asia Pacific destinations tracking the most noteworthy amount of global overnight visitor spending. Bringing USD 91.16 billion in travel use in 2016, Asia Pacific outpaced Europe (USD74.74 billion USD) and North America (USD55.02 billion), MasterCard said in an announcement.

Prepared by Naina Mishra of Newsgram. Twitter @Nainamishr94

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Talent Galore at the Auditions of Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 Beauty Pageant

The pageant aims to provide all women with equal opportunity to showcase their potential, and discover and improve their expertise and talent.

The jury of Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017
The jury of Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017

Kanpur, September 26, 2017 : Every beauty queen has a story to tell – stories of competition, confidence, and growth. Stories of belief, persistence, and victory. A story talking about her success and taking home the crown. But what is truly intriguing is to hear such success stories from married women in India, who dare to take a shot at fulfilling their dreams even after the society tells them otherwise. And this is the essence behind the competition, ‘Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017’.

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A unique beauty pageant currently taking roots in one of India’s largest states, Uttar Pradesh, Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 is a pathway to the Mrs. UP beauty pageant that witnesses participants from all across the country.

Currently in its first phase, the audition and elimination round of Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 was organized on September 19 that saw participation from over 56 women, out of which the best 12 participants have been shortlisted for the second round.

Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017
Participants at the Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 competition.

The jury for the audition round included Mrs. Aditi Shukla, President, Inner wheel Club & Owner of Canpore Girls P.Ltd, Mrs Jaya Srivastava, noted singer and lyricist, who is also the Director of SUR TALL SANGAM and Dr. Ira Tripathi (P.hD) Clinical Psychologist & Counselor. Also in the panel were Mr. Sachin Mishra, director of Online Services P.Ltd. and Ms. Rashmi Dharampal Singh Bhadauria, director of A2Z Brand Communication Group.

The participants were judged on a variety of parameters that evaluated their confidence, wit, talent, presence of mind and also closely looked upon their personal achievements.

Radiant Mrs Kanpur 2017
Women from different age groups and backgrounds were part of the auditions of Radiant Mrs Kanpur 2017

A second phase of auditions and elimination has also been scheduled wherein the judges will shortlist six more participants to compete for the title of Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017, to be held on October 14.

Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 aims to not only bring spotlight where it is due- on the married women who successfully manage work and personal life, but the competition also lends support to acid attack survivors and the transgender community of the Indian society who have chosen to not let circumstances hold them back.

The pageant aims to provide all women with equal opportunity to showcase their potential, and discover and improve their expertise and talent.

Jury, Radiant Mrs Kanpur 2017
Jury, Radiant Mrs Kanpur 2017

Thus, several acid attack survivors and transwomen also participated in the auditions, who took to the ramp to showcase their confidence and strength, thereby challenging the society’s trivial perception of beauty.

Radiant Mrs. Kanpur 2017 aims to bring together married women from all walks of life, to compete for the crown. The winner of the competition will also get an opportunity to participate in the upcoming Mrs. UP competition.


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Kashmere Gate Durga Puja is the 108 Years Old Annual Ritual in Delhi

Kashmere Gate Durga Puja
Durga Puja. IANS

New Delhi, Sep 24, 2017: Kolkata might be the cynosure of Durga Puja celebrations, but not far behind is the national capital, which plays host to more than 350 pandals (marquees). And the Kashmere Gate Durga Puja has been continuing this yearly ritual for the past 108 years, making it Delhi’s oldest Puja.

Its theme has always been traditional. From maintaining the quintessential “sabeki ek-chala-thakur” (traditional one platform) goddess Durga to carrying the idol in a bullock cart for the “visarjan” (immersion), this Puja stands out against the rest.

“The bullock cart visarjan is organised only by us. No other pandals organise such a procession in the national capital,” Samarendra Bose, a committee member of the Delhi Durga Puja Samiti, told IANS.

“And the Bhog! It is also a highlight of our celebration. Every year we feed the afternoon meal to around five to six thousand people. And on Ashtami (the eighth day), the turnout crosses more than 10,000. It’s a big responsibility on our shoulders and we make sure that everything goes smoothly during the Puja,” he said.

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There’s quite a history attached to this Puja. Due to the efforts of an unnamed railway employee, the first Puja was organised in 1909 at the Roshanpura Kali Mandir near Nai Sarak. From 1913 to 1946, the Puja used to be organised in a dharamshala (community hall) near Fatehpuri Mosque. Later it was shifted to the Bengali Senior Secondary School at Alipur Road near Civil Lines but the nomenclature continued unchanged.

“In the initial years, the idol used to be brought from Benaras, but from 1926, the idol began to be made in the city itself. And now it’s made within the school premises,” Bose stated.

What hasn’t changed are the customs associated with the Puja. No matter how popular theme pujas are becoming, the Kashmere Gate Durga Puja continues to be a traditional one.

“Theme idols can never reflect the charm or the beauty of a traditional one. We don’t bring the idol from CR Park or Kolkata; rather it is made inside the school premises, like the way it happens in home Pujas,” Bose pointed out.

For the five days the Puja lasts, the atmoshphere within the pandal turns into a mini Bengal. From people clad in their traditional attire to cultural programmes and, of course, Bengali’s favourite cuisine — biryani — turns it into a major draw.

“We organise cultural programmes but only the local residents participate. We don’t invite artists (like most pandals do). Also, we make sure that at least during the five days, all the functions are conducted in Bengali,” Bose said.

The charm of this Durga Puja couldn’t even be ignored by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who visited the pandal in 1969. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is also believed to have attended the celebrations in 1935.

“The priest and the dhakis (drummers) have been brought from Kolkata. We make sure that there is no dearth of bhog. After all it’s a major attraction of Kashmere Gate Durga Puja,” Bose said.

So, make sure that Kashmere Gate Puja is on the must-visit pandals list this year! (IANS)