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Nitasha Biswas: India Crowns its First Transqueen from Kolkata

  • Nitasha Biswas was crowned The first Transqueen India
  • She was presented the crown by Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena
  • Nitasha will represent India at Miss International Queen in Thailand in 2018

New Delhi, August 31, 2017: The first Transqueen India, Nitasha Biswas, was crowned in Gurgaon on Sunday. The transwoman is presently studying Business Management in Kolkata.

Manipur’s Loiloi Haorongbam stood as the first runner-up, whereas Ragasiya from Tamil Nadu stood as the second runner-up in the beauty pageant.

The 26-year-old was presented the crown by Miss Transsexual Australia 2017 Laeticia Phylliscia Raveena.

Among 1500 trans women who had applied for the contest in India, 16 were shortlisted for the final show.

Nitasha said, “My journey was not easy. I feel very privileged to be where I am today and knowing so much of struggles and hardships that I’ve gone through”, mentioned Daily Bhaskar.

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“This is a very big responsibility and I would like to focus on transgender women rather than focusing on rights. I never wanted rights. I always wanted to empower our system and our community because that’s what is needed, Natasha was quoted by a leading English daily saying.”

She says many transwomen have to face umpteen hurdles owing rejection of society and lack of family support. Some of them also become a victim of molestation and pain.

“They are getting into sex work. So, it is the time that every sector of the society needs to come out and help this community for its betterment”, Biswas adds,

In March 2018, Biswas is likely to represent India at Miss International Queen in Thailand, whereas the first runner-up will compete for the title, Miss Transsexual Australia.

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