No cap on Visa for Indian students, free to access world-class Education in top notch Universities in UK: British Envoy

Cap on visas for Indian students are not necessary anymore and Indian students are free to access world-class education in the top UK universities

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New Delhi, Feb 21, 2017: There is no cap on visa for Indian students and they are free to access world-class education in top notch universities in UK, Britain said today.

According to British High Commissioner to India, Dominic Asquith, 600 scholarships had been announced by the UK Government for Indian students aspiring to study in the UK. “UK has no cap on visas for students from India or anywhere else. All are treated same. Whoever comes will join almost half a million international students who come in the UK to access word-class education in the world-class universities,” he mentioned.

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According to PTI reports, Asquith was speaking on Women’s Economic Empowerment at the India launch of the report of the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel.

Britain has been asked time and again by India to relax and loosen student visa rules and regulations for greater mobility of worthy students.

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According to the visa policy of UK, students have to return home after their courses end. This rule has been an important reason behind the fall of Indian students enrolling in British universities by 50 per cent. The number of study visas issued to Indian nationals has gone down drastically as per estimations.

Asquith also added that the UK is participating in several initiatives taken by the Indian government to promote skilling. The UK is already supporting and investing in about 75 start-up businesses and they provided access to financial services to Indian women, he added.

On an average,7 per cent of the revenues of the British companies are being spent on training and skilling employees in India and more opportunities for women are also being created, Asquith said.

– prepared by Durba Mandal of NewsGram. Twitter: @dubumerang


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