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No List-No Donation Campaign: What is it all about and Why is it Important to make India Corruption-Free?

The “No List: No Donation” is a Satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for shielding its donations from public view

December 16, 2016: A former co-convenor of AAP’s NRI Cell, Munish Raizada has launched an online petition ‘No List-No Donation Campaign’ against AAP as it is hiding the details of the donations for the past six months.

The “No List: No Donation” is a Satyagraha (insistence for truth) launched against Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) for shielding its donations from public view.

AAP claims that it is different from other parties because of its transparency in financial transactions. It claims that the party will function with full transparency in the financial transaction. To run the people’s party every single rupee collected by donations will be publicly declared on the AAP’s website and all the expenditures will also be mentioned on the website.

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No List No Donation Poster
No List No Donation Poster

However, when you’ll open the AAP’s website and try to find out the donor’s list, you’ll see the page says “Under Construction. New Version coming soon.”

And the page is “under construction” for six months, now. The page of donors list is not available from June 2016.

So, the suspended Aam Aadmi Party member, Dr Raizada had set a deadline of December 3, 2016 to unveil the details of the donation by writing an open letter on 26th November. Since the party failed to do, he started an online pledge via which seeks support from the public and also launched a website to intensify it.

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On 24 December 2016 at 10 am in Rajghat, Delhi the cause will be launched where he, along with people supporting the cause will be present and they would be going towards New Delhi Vidhan Sabha.

You can share your opinion in Quora, here is the link Why is Aam Aadmi Party’s donation list missing from the website?

As Dr Raizada said on the social media, “ From there we shall proceed to New Delhi Assembly Area where 4 years back we had promised a corruption-free India to the public of India. BUT now, we shall seek Apology from Delhi’s public for hiding their donations that they gave us (to our party) in the promise of honest and transparent funding. And also, we shall start a signature campaign for #चन्दाबन्दसत्याग्रह (ie, Pledge not to donate to AAP unless it makes it donations public).”




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