‘No Selfie Zone’ in Nashik Kumbh

By NewsGram Staff Writer

With the concept of selfie becoming so popular that it became the word of the year in 2013, the Kumbh Mela in Nashik has put up a banner declaring a ‘No Selfie Zone’ on August 29.

Such prohibition of selfie in selected zones and on specific days was th result of a “human behaviour study” conducted by over a 100 volunteers who warned officials that selfies could result in stampedes,particularly during the traditional Shah Snan.

“Since July 13, our volunteers on the field have been collecting data which showed that people stop to take selfies. They also climb to dangerous spots to take selfies,” said Sandip Shinde, CEO of Kumbhathon.

The ‘No Selfie Zone’ will be strictly maintained on September 13 and 18 in Nashik and September 13 and 25 at Trimbakeshwar,officials said.


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