No time to meditate, app to make your stress bursting experience easy


PANAGOLABy Aparna Singh

Meditation is a stress buster and chants are the soul of the whole process. But in the present age, where people do not have the patience and take up meditation as a practice but instead turn to technology for all the answers, a couple have come up with a novel idea that has changed the way rumination is pursued.

OM Meditation is an android app that has inbuilt puja mantras and chants. It also has different kinds of meditation music. The app enables to set and reset the time of the tracks according to the users’ convenience. It also comes with a guide that tells the user about the history of each mantra and chant.

Arun and Sreeja, both with the combined Information Technology (IT) experience of over 25 years, have started Panagola as a family venture in 2012 and came up with the idea to create an application for android users in the field of health and fitness which according to them was a weak area as far as availability was concerned.

“It was on the Puja day in 2013 that OM Meditation was originated. We have a custom of keeping our books and work tools in the puja room on this day. The next day you are traditionally required to read from those books and use the work tools. We had kept our computer for puja and the OM App was written in just one day!”


He said that the goal of this app was just to repeat the puja mantras. It is an ad-free app with zero revenue and only the satisfaction of receiving blessings and good wishes from the users is the reward. The application has come a long way since the time it was started in 2013. It has had over 50 upgrades that were mostly guided by the feedback of the users. “It is now arguably the most comprehensive meditation tool on Google Play,” he added. It has received thousands of downloads and hundreds of user ratings each day.

“Based on our own experience as well as user comments, we are convinced that meditation is very helpful to reduce stress levels and improve general health,” said Arun. He also explained that their apps go through rigorous testing to ensure quality. “All development and testing activities are performed by the two of us. We are both engineers and we get help from our friends for testing from time to time.”

When OM Meditation App was released, there were not many other such applications available on Google Playstore. “We were a bit surprised by the pace at which the download increased day by day after its release. Clearly there was a need for such an app.” Though it started off with a few Hindu mantras, soon, due to user requests the creators expanded it to other religions. Now it has Hindu, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh mantras apart from silent meditation.

 The couple were based in Chennai when they were working on this application but now operate from Thiruvananthapuram. “We believe in giving the best user experience as well as value for money. We take pains to make sure the app scales well for all screen sizes and mobile phone types.”

Some other application that were created by Panagola in the category of health and fitness are Stress Buster, Exercise Buddy and Chakra Meditation and they have further plans to release more application and one such will be related to improving sleep disorder.