Saturday February 16, 2019

Now students in Punjab to learn science in their mother tongue


Jalandhar: In a good news for mother tongue lovers in India and especially for lakhs of Class 11 and 12 students in Punjab, the Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) has decided to start teaching science subjects in their native language, Punjabi, as an option from next year.

From the next academic session, physics, chemistry and biology subjects will be taught to the students of Class 11 and 12 at government and private schools in their mother tongue, if they wished so.

Steps in this direction have been taken. For instance, the state education department is working on the translation of books for the session and the translation of science textbooks from English to Punjabi is also underway in Jalandhar, The Hindustan Times reported, adding that seven teachers have been assigned the task in this regard.

According to reports, while the translation of the chemistry textbook of Class 11 has been completed, the same for biology and physics is underway.

Welcoming the news, Dr Joga Singh, Professor and Former Head of Department of Linguistics in Punjabi University, Patiala told NewsGram that it was a step in right direction and towards imparting education to students across India.

“I wish to congratulate all mother tongue lovers for this. It is the result of our past more than a decade’s efforts of revealing the truths about language issues. Time has now come to redouble our efforts throughout India,” the Professor said.

He said that in his opinion there should be no dual education system in India and it was imperative that students were taught in their mother tongues only.

“The children who study in a foreign language cannot have any intimate contact with their country and culture. Even studies show that children learn best in their mother tongues,” Singh added.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that his dream was to see students from foreign countries coming to India for higher studies.

Answering a question on educational standards in India, Narendra Modi said: “My dream is that instead of our students going to other countries for higher studies, students from all over the world must come here to study.”

During his visit to Jammu and Kashmir on Sunday, Modi answered queries from students across the country after connecting with them digitally.

Over one lakh students from various sstates were digitally connected with Narendra Modi while over 2.5 crore others were able to connect with this interaction through social media.

On the digital revolution, Modi said: “Humankind has advanced over centuries but due to innovation and technological intervention during the last 40 years, we have taken a quantum jump.

“Digital revolution has changed our lives drastically. Time will come when perhaps coaching and classrooms could also become obsolete.”

Can India become a poverty free country?

Narendra Modi.

“If India decides to rid itself of poverty, there is no power that can keep us poor,” he said.

“We are the fastest growing economy. Empowerment of the middle class is taking place at a fast pace and this is helping many amongst us to get rid of poverty.

“In 2014, rural sanitation was 35 per cent and today it is 98 per cent. We must take a firm resolve to get rid of poverty and it can only happen by empowerment of the poor.”

On linking education and tourism in Odisha, he said: “The first requirement of tourism is to take pride in our tourist places.

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“Unless we pride ourselves on our tourist potential, we cannot fully explore its potential. During my visit to the US, I was shown a 400-year-old landmark in Pennsylvania. In our country, we can boast of thousands of years old landmarks.

“Homestay is popular throughout the world. We need to promote this in a big way to help our tourism.” (IANS)