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Online cab-hailing firm Uber now at 20 Indian Airports, to make Travel a better experience

Visitors from over 70 countries have used Uber in India while Indian travellers are using their Uber app most frequently in the US

App-based Cab Uber. Wikimedia

New Delhi, December 23, 2016: Online cab-hailing firm Uber on Friday announced that it will focus on improving the airport travel experience for both riders and driver partners in India.

“Uber is now available at all of the top 20 airports in India and at more than 200 airports globally, with presence at almost all major US and European airports,” said Amit Jain, President, Uber, India and South Asia in a statement.

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“Visitors from over 70 countries have used Uber in India while Indian travellers are using their Uber app most frequently in the US, followed by United Kingdom, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia,” Jain added.

As part of its “UberSHAAN” initiative, Uber last week urged ex-servicemen in India to avail entrepreneurship opportunities with the company as driver partners.

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Uber has partnered with Ministry of Defence to facilitate interested personnel join the Uber platform as driver entrepreneurs.

“UBERSHAAN programme is all about empowering these individuals to support their families and provide an opportunity for people to get to know India’s veterans better,” Uber founder and CEO Travis Kalanick told reporters during his Delhi visit.

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This year, the company launched Uber in two new cities — Lucknow and Ludhiana — and expanded “uberPOOL” to four new cities — Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai. (IANS)

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Uber Receives 3,045 Cases of Sexual Assault in U.S. in Year 2018

"We are partnering with RAINN, the nation's largest sexual violence organisation, to design and implement this programme," Uber added

Uber, bengaluru
Photo shows an exterior view of the headquarters of Uber in San Francisco. (VOA)

Ride-hailing giant Uber has released its first safety review which contains thousands of sexual assault reports. The company has also revealed the changes it was making to make rides safer for its passengers and drivers.

The two-year safety review contains almost 2,936 reports pertaining to sexual assault that Uber received in 2017 and 3,045 it received in 2018.

Notably, the cab aggregator categorises sexual assaults into five subcategories, which are non-consensual kissing of a non-sexual body part, non-consenual touching of a sexual body part, attempted non-consensual sexual penetration, non-consensual kissing of a sexual body part and non-consensual sexual penetration.

In the last sub category, which is rape, the cab hailing major received 229 reports of rape in 2017 and 235 reports of rape in 2018. Throughout 2017 and 2018, the reported incidents occurred on 0.00002% of trips, according to the company.

“Confronting sexual violence requires honesty, and it’s only by shining a light on these issues that we can begin to provide clarity on something that touches every corner of society,” Tony West, Uber’s Chief Legal Officer, said in the review.

“And, most importantly, by bringing hard data to bear, we can make every trip safer for drivers and riders alike.”

Uber app. Pixabay

The ride hailing major long been under fire for its safety practices.

In its response to making rides safer for its passengers, Uber mentioned developments like its “in-app safety button”.

“We’re rolling out new features that allow riders to verify their driver with a secure PIN code, send a text message directly to 911 operators, and report safety incidents to Uber even before their trip is over,” the company said.

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In 2020, the cab aggregator will expand sexual misconduct and assault education to all the US drivers.

“We are partnering with RAINN, the nation’s largest sexual violence organisation, to design and implement this programme,” Uber added. (IANS)