Operation Sulaimani: Trivandrum braces for food programme in hospitals


By NewsGram Staff Writer

The capital city of Kerala, Trivandrum is set to go the Kozhikode way. The ‘evergreen city’ is mulling over implementing a project on similar lines as ‘Operation Sulaimani’ to feed the empty stomachs of the poor.

The food programme has the potential to provide benefit to poor patients and bystanders as the city hosts a larger number of people for treatment in institutions like Medical college hospital.

A preliminary round of talks between the Hotel and Bakers’ Association members and District collector Biju Prabhakar has already taken place to ensure the passage of the project by next month. Kozhikode collector N Prasanth, the vanguard of Operarion Sulaimani also attended the meeting.

“Various caterers associations have informed us that large quantities of foods are wasted after marriage functions. But, we also have to make sure that no case of food poisoning occurs due to this. Food coupons will be collected only from trusted catering services,” collector Biju Prabhakar told TOI.

Keeping in mind the culture of the city, the Malabar name ‘Sulaimani’ will be changed to another moniker. The project will co-ordinate with people who distribute free food to patients and bystanders in Medical College and those who can pay for coupons which will be given to the needy.

‘Operation Sulaimani’, the flagship project of Kozhikode, is modelled on a system existing in western countries such as Food-on-the-Wall, where one pays for an extra meal or coffee.

‘Aksayapatram’ is another unique food initiative started in Malappuram municipality where people place cooked food for the needy in a refrigerator that is kept in a public place.